New Fanlistings & Affiliates

I have closed a few fanlistings that I have lost interest in, and I have opened a few that I have a love for, I have also applied for a few more that I hope I get approved for. And of course, I have added a few new affiliates, and I have removed some affiliates, some that never linked me back ah well, that is how the ball bounces.

What did I close? I closed the following. I have the members SQL if anyone is interested drop me a message at afanatic[@] my forms aren’t working as I have not updated my PHP, but in order to do that, it will affect all my fanlistings, so I have to prepare myself for a site-wide downtime, which is not going to be fun. Now to make the time for it.

Boston Bruins (Sports – Hockey)
Emily Haines (Musicians Female)
National Coming Out Day – (Calendar Events)

I have considered closing all The Simpson character fanlistings, but I love the layouts, I can’t get myself to close them, do you ever do that? Lol.

I applied, was approved, and opened the following:

CSS (Language/Files)
Astrology: Libra

I moved the following from where I had them hosted to my domain.

Vans Shoes (Brand items/Collections)
Turquoise (Rocks/Gems/Crystals)
Rose Madder (Literature)

I applied for the following and still waiting to be approved (I hope):

Planet: Earth (Space/Sky)
Space (Space/Sky)
Driving (Hobbies/Recreation)

I have a few others I am interested in too, but I didn’t want to submit too many at once. Not only does it give others a chance to apply, but it gives me time to finish setting them up.

If anyone knows of a good tutorial to update the enthusiast fanlisting script from 3.1.6 to the newest by Robotess, I would appreciate a comment or an email.

I hope you are all doing well, and are staying safe & healthy.

Just Getting By

So since my last entry, not much going on with, will it ever return, have they given up on it? How sad if it has finally come down to shutting down. I think it was a great community, I enjoyed it. It’s been a good long time though. I still have my fanlistings up, but don’t know what to do, just keep them up. I mean if they decide to close, they should just do it, it’s been months. Wish we’d get some kind of update. So I guess, like many other fanlisting owners, we can’t do anything until it is back up. As it is I need help with something. I’m bummed about that. So many people doing so much hard work. I don’t think they would give up on the community, but anything can happen. Maybe they are just tired. Ahhh wish they would do some kind of update. I can’t find them on Facebook, Twitter is dead, their LJ is dead. Does anyone know where they are doing updates? I guess we’ll see.

So that is my update for now. Hope for the best, but prepare for the worse.