Time Passes Way Too Fast

time passingSo I am back, but what am I back with. Not very much. It’s going to be time to renew this domain, and yes I will be doing that, all my current domains, not ready to let more go, I already closed and let 2 go. Pixelfx.org and Kiss-Me.org, had them for a very long time, but it was just time to let them go. Time to move on and start something new. Speaking of new, as you can see I have a new look to the website, hope you all like it.

I have not yet, decided on what fanlisting to let go of. Eventually I will get around to doing that. I keep putting it off, because I probably don’t want to get rid of them, but I really need to as I am not a hard core lover of some of the subjects. Speaking of fanlistings, the website was down the last time I checked. Better go check now TheFanlistings.Org, see if it’s working. Wow it’s either my internet, but it’s still down, what is going on? Does anyone know whats going on with thefanlistings.org. I’m going to check facebook, heck I can’t even find it on facebook, if anyone knows the facebook page for TheFanlistings.org, leave a comment, I would appreciate it.

Ok so what have I been up to? Nothing related to fanlistings, oh wait, yesterday I was approving, and updating which I need to finish doing today. Apart from all that. Trying to get my hobby/nail/crafting/computer/office room organised, which is not going to happen, because I need more storage room, not to mention nail polish racks, so I can free up some table space. Nothing exciting there, apart from all the cute things I’ve picked up at Michaels Craft store, which I just love love! I would open a crafting fanlisting if the website was working, and no one has made one. Lol. I know look at me talking about opening up another fanlistings, and I have what I have already.

The other site, well as you all know, is the listing web directory, that I can’t seem to get to, and finish, I guess I kind of have given up, and I am holding on to it, to just hold on to it, does that make any sense? May have to let that go, or offer it to another directory I know is still alive, I am alone on my listing directory website, which sucks because I needed help, and I don’t think it’s going to happen, and I don’t want the headaches from before. Enough said with all that, we’ll see what happens. Probably nothing, and my next post will be very similiar to this one, that’s probably why I don’t post as much, as I don’t have all that much to report LOL.

Think I will close here, hope you are all having a wonder weekend,and enjoying the spring weather. Take care, blessings.