TheFanlistings.Org Is Back!?

You heard right! I mean read right lol. The fanlistings website is back, but only the forum portion of it, the rest is still being worked on. I am super happy, I can finally get some help on some errors I have with my fanlistings. From what I read so far, some people have abandoned their fanlistings, like many they thought the website would never come back, but it has which is a great thing, as I am still a fan of things, regardless of my age. A fan is a fan. Anyway, so if you are looking to check it out, go to You will have to register again. Everyone lost their post count. I am not 100% sure what else was lost, but you can always go check it out and see, make sure you register again.

It’s a wonderful thing, I’m happy, because I was close to closing it, but was hanging in there waiting along with hundreds of other people. So if you know someone that has fanlistings, post a blog about this, and get the word out, so people know to go and re-register.

I got to take care of stuff now. So hope everyone has a great weekend.

October Ending

Wow I can’t believe how fast October flew by, just seems that way all the time. So with Halloween, and other things happening, there isn’t anything I have done on this website. I’m still waiting to hear from about the Adam Berry fanlisting, but nothing yet. Well I guess I can open up my email, but since I get my emails on my phone I would of seen it, I think maybe tomorrow, I will go to the forum and ask if they got it. I want an extension, hope I get it.

So tomorrow is Halloween, yay. I change the layout on my blog, but not here, no point, too much fuss lol. Or I’m just lazy

I don’t want to repeat myself, so I won’t. But Happy Halloween, and be safe out there everyone.