Surprise? Not Really!

I talked to my oldest brother today Eric, and he told me my dad got remarried, I was shocked to be honest. But in some ways happy to know that he is not alone, because who wants to be alone for the rest of their lives? No one does honestly, do you? Anyway, I was a bit hurt that I didn’t at least know about it, even if I couldn’t go. Oh well, it’s nothing new to be the last to know. They were married 4 months ago. I’m sure my sister doesn’t know either, I have to let her know about the news as well. So we had a nice long chat. I’m glad to see that they are doing all well. I got a lot of information about everyone, so it’s nice to know. I haven’t looked at photos my brother sent me of my father’s wedding, I am looking forward to seeing them. Anyway enough about that.

William has Monday off, yay. His work didn’t give it off, but he took a personal holiday which he has to take anyway by end of the year, and we know how close that is? He will be busy doing some work at home, got to love my dedicated sweetheart. I love him to bits. I am really tired right now so I probably won’t write a long blog, and this one is just staying here on this blog, rather than publishing to all my domains. I have to do something with them. I am going to move as well, and then I’m not sure what to do, sell the domains, but I’d like to get a good price for them. We’ll see.

Woo Dexter is on tonight’s agenda (we DVR’d it), and I think next week is The Walking Dead, double woohoo. Hah for now I need to go, I watched the last part of the football game last night, and it was a gooo last quarter, Go Patriots!!! I changed the theme, wanting to support Breast Cancer Awareness! Anyway ok I’m off now.

Shopping Time

Ok I have done most of my shopping online, but there are still a few things that need to be bought, and we are going to take advantage and get some of this done this weekend.

Well I hope we can get it done. It would be nice not to have to rush at the last minute to get something. We are planning our Christmas dinner already. The week before Christmas, we are going to Jaime’s house for Christmas celebration with Williams family. It’ll be nice to see the kids again.

I told William I wanted to make little surprise bags for the kids, put some cute things in there, so every child gets a Christmas goodie bag. I hope we can still do this. I asked him how many kids will be there, I think I’m going to need to remind him again hehe.

Last weekend, the Patriots kicked some ass against the Jets, wow we didn’t get a chance to see the game, but I was kind of keeping up with it via Twitter, thank goodness for Twitter hehe. Let’s Go Patriots!!!!

This weekend you can go to Gillette Stadium and take a picture with Santa! Wooo haha. There are different ways you do this. Donate a new or gently used coat to Cradles to Crayons, Donate $25 to Cradles to Crayons, Present a receipt from a same day purchase at Patriot Place totaling $25 or more, Attend Santa Breakfast at CBS Scene. I’ve been there before, well not inside, we had just seen a film and took a walk, and William showed me the place, it’s awesome. I may suggest this for Saturday, if you want to know more about it check out the link within this post.

So season finale for The Walking Dead is over. I have plenty to watch though, so i’ll keep myself entertained during the nights Days go to my eBay, I need to get rock and rolling on that, I have so much stuff to sell. I have these 3 sweaters, brand new I had totally forgotten about them, and this really nice Jacket, great for the snow days ahead! Anyway wish me luck, I think I’ll go now, I got a lot to do.