They Go So Fast!

I can’t believe how fast the weekends just zoom on past us! Where is time going, why is it going faster and faster as we get older and older, I don’t get it lol. Do you? If you do please tell me what’s up? And what is up with the weather, it has been crazy! Raining one day, super hot the next, wow that is some craziness, at least it is out here in Massachusetts. The humidity is horrible, if you are anything like me, and you really don’t like to be in humid weather, you do not want to live out here. Believe me the Fall out here is breath taking, always wanted to experience it, and now I have, but with that comes all the other wonderful seasons lol.

But seriously it’s so worth it, I know I complain about this and that, when it’s humid, and I just can’t help it. It doesn’t last long, once I’m cooled off, I am just fine. I have often wondered what it would be like to live in Seattle, no kidding seriously, William has even told me, that that is where I would probably love to live lol, and he may be right but I don’t know if I will ever get a chance to ever really know, but who knows what could come up on us. We’ll see!

So for the longest time I had been debating between getting a tablet or not, and I was finally convinced by a wonderful little friend of mine hehe. Which were the choices, well there was always the iPad2, Samsung 2, and the Xoom, the fact that the iPad 2 didn’t have flash well that kind of made my mind up on which is being eliminated. I know there are a lot of other pluses that come with it, but I couldn’t do without that. Then there were two left! Samsung 2 and the Xoom, yes the S2 is much thinner, but you couldn’t expand it anymore so you were stuck with what you bought. So now that is eliminated, and the final one was Xoom yes, that is right, we decided on that one. and what is even much more amazing, the price dropped considerably, does this means something bad? Perhaps, depends on who you are asking.

So we also got lucky and there was a $50.00 coupon off on the tablet, how sweeter can it get, so my sweet lovely boyfriend, went off to Staples to pick one up, and we have had so much fun with it lately. Now I know there will be things I may not be use to on it, as this is my first Android, I have an iPod, and I got use to the apps there, so now I have to readjust myself to the Android, which is fun, fun to discover things. I have blackberry mobile phone, and that too will be updated soon, well actually not until the new year lol. Anyway so I am very very happy so far with the Xoom, yay!

Oops I left it downstairs, or I would of taken a photo of it, I will next time I get a chance, I’m really happy with it too. Speaking of coupons, lol. Target is having pillow sale, well amongst other things, and from what I read in a blog, they are for 2.50 the soft pillows, and target has a coupon for 2.00 off at their website, so I told William about it, and he’s going to see possibly passing by on his way home, hopefully we get luck and we can get a couple of pillows for .50 cents yay! Go snatch yours while you can! Anyway got to go, going to play catch up with some of my websites, have a great week!

Shopping Again?!

Lol for real we went shopping again, hehe. There are a lot of great deals, and well we use coupons, so got to put them to use, we saved lots of cash today, we are very pleased with what we bought, and how much we saved. I’m not going into details about what we bought, and how much it was, blah blah, I’m sure people will be bored with that.

Plus I’m super tired, and just want to chill, and surf the net a bit, maybe start designing a layout for my collective, because it don’t seem like anyone is going to have a solution for my problem with the script I’m using. So my boyfriend had us stop by Staples, and he’s like ‘I want to show you something’ so as soon as we enter (Staples is so clever) we run into the $1, $2 and $3 bargain area, so you know we picked up like 4 or 5 items, that we could use, and we’re a great deal, so we moved on to what he was going to show. A whole section on pink stuff, but it’s pink for Breast Cancer awareness, but I loved every item, I just couldn’t say, can I have? hehe. Because it would just be duplicates of what we have. So had to pass on that.

Then we said we’d go check out the ink because they were having a sale, so we were able to get some ink at a really good price, plus a card discount of 10%, and we are going to get a $10.00 gift card for purchasing stuff over $40.00 which is fantastic, because we needed it all So it worked out well!

Then we headed over to Walmart an then Stop & Shop, and did our buying there, saved a lot of money with double coupons and manufacturers coupons too. So it was a very successful shopping trip again hehe.

We get home and we have lots to put away, but everything found it’s place, and that is good, because we have limited room. This reminds me, I need to do that rebate thing online to get the $10.00 gift card

Ok well I think that is all for now, I’m tired and I can probably write a lot more, but just tired haha! Have a great weekend all!