Warmer Days Ahead

I think winter will be over soon. We are suppose to have some spring weather coming, so that will be something nice to look forward to. One of my websites was down for awhile or maybe most of the day yesterday. There was some problems with my usage, I’m being told that my website is using up a lot of resources, I’m also told that it’s probably one or more of my wordpress plugins, so I need to find out which ones take up the most, and I will have to probably stop using it or them. I know it sucks, but with my personal site, my hosting plan is a small one, and I am in no position to upgrade at all. So I am going to try to do this, a few plugins shouldn’t make a difference.

Anyway so now I need to go through my plugins see what I really want to keep and what is not taking up the resources so I’m not suspended again lol. I know it’s not funny, but this never happened when I was on my other hosting, anyway I need to deal with what I have now. I probably don’t need most of my plug ins as my personal site, is just a blog hehe. So yeah, I need to get on that. What a headache this can all be for a simply blog, well I don’t need complicated plugins that are going go cause downtime, that is for sure.

So I had a really nice Valentine’s Day with William, he got me some really pretty roses, aww he’s such a wonderful boyfriend, we spent the evening together as we always do, its ‘our time’. He had to work late on Monday, so thats okay, his meeting didn’t go as planned, actually it didn’t go at all. His boss kept him late so he missed it, but made up for it yesterday, so he’s really excited about that, and so am I! I’m not saying what it is, but when and if the time comes, I will let everyone know Okay well I guess I better get to finding out what plugin is being naughty hehe. Okay have a wicked week everyone, see ya!