Fanlisting and more updates

I have been feverishly working to update my listings, all fanlistings, namelistings, numberlistings, I have abandoned most of my cliques as I don’t have time for them anymore. I may have one, but will soon let that go as well. Since part of the has returned, only the forum, which can be found at, and there is now activity there. I have started to fix my forms which were not working. The only reason that happened, and I know it has been lazy of me. Is because the form on this blog wasn’t working. So I found out why. Fixed that, and also decided to fix the contact and affiliates forms on all my listings. There is quite a few of them too. So it’s taking me time, as I’m fixing those, but also editing some other things on the listings themselves, things I wanted to change before but never did, and now I did since I was in the listing doing some editing.

All contact forms and affiliates forms will redirect to the contact fanlisting form, where you can select the listing that you are wanting to contact me about, be it just a general question, affiliates requests, or broken link. I just spotted an error in my drop down list, so will have to fix that. Fanlistings will have one form, as there are a lot of them, and the other listings will all go on another form. It just makes it easier for me, and hopefully for anyone who has tried to contact me over the years. I have no excuse but pure laziness to not have fixed them.

I also had a sending error in my enthusiast script, so when I approved someone it wouldn’t send out an confirmation email, which upset me, but I didn’t know what the problems was. I finally figured out what it was. It was hosting related. I am hosted with and they won’t allow you to use an email address that doens’t exist on cpanel, for instance fans(@), I was using my gmail, so I had to go ahead and make an email and then use that in the script, and then make a forwarder so it would forward my email to my gmail, as I don’t like using domain emails. If the domain is down, then my email is down, that is why I never used one.

Anyway, I hope once I am done with that, I can fix other things, perhaps a few listings may get a layout change. Been ages since I have done that. I don’t see myself getting anymore fanlistings, I think I am just going to be joining, instead of owning any type of fan listing. Right, so that is it for now. Another update later on.

Updates Time

Yeah it’s that time again, when I need to go through all my listings and update them so I don’t get put on troubles, ahh so many. Oh I have someone that is going to adopt one of my fanlistings, hah finally I got around to doing that lol. I need to send her the information so she can get her fanlisting up, and I don’t have to worry about that one any more. If anyone is interested in any of my fanlisting, hatelistings, namelisting, numberlistings, then browse my site and submit to the keep in mind list. I’m looking for reliable, and responsible adoptees, you got to love the subject or don’t bother basically. Hosting is open as well. I just recently closed two hostees sites that were inactive, actually one was inactive the other just never opened up her site, because she has some personal stuff to take care of which I can totally understand.

Apart from that, nothing else new on this domain. I am catching up with my web directory not sure when I’ll put up a new layout there, I think for the time being it’s fine. I am still considering getting another personal domain, my current one will expire in May, so I guess I better think quick huh? lol. Not saying what I may change it to, when and if that happens I will post about it, maybe lol. Ok well I think that is it for now. Have a great weekend everyone and if I don’t post again, Happy Valentine’s Day!