A New Year! Happy New Year 2018!

Am I ready for it? Sure, I have no choice lol. As for how this website will change, it won’t. I like it how it is, it is functional for what it is, a collective. Not so much a blog. I do post if I ever add a new listing, but I don’t create new listings unless it is something I really really like, or have had on my wishlist. I have not downsized like I wanted to, I am still trying to get that worked into my schedule, but if I do, I will sure to post here and @ TheFanlistings.org. Until next time.

Going Strong in the New Year!

I have been so busy, not time to really come here and update this blog. My collective is stand alone, not real blogging done. This passed year I have been so busy, but I have managed to keep updating my fanlistings. Although I have said it numerous times before, I will say it again, I need to adopt some out. I may do that soon, now that I do have a KIM page, which will help me tremendously. So be expecting that, I am fan of things, but I really don’t feel I am as big as a fan as I used to be. I think that happens to everyone. It is not an age thing, because young or old, likes and dislikes change over time. So you roll with it!

Anyway, so that is all really. I hope everyone had a safe New Years, I know we are at the end of the month, but better late than never. Until next time.