So Much Added!

As you can see I have a new theme up, I really like this, it’s very neutral, and pretty anyway moving on. I have finally put up about 31 fanlisting up for adoption, if they aren’t adopted I’m going to close them, I am just not as excited about them as I was when I began this little hobby. If you check my menu above, under Owned you will find Adopt, and you can see what I am adopting, and if you are interested them please do submit, so that I can get those to a new home. I have also posted in board in the adoption thread, so hopefully some of these find new homes. I would list them, but there is a lot, I mean 31 is a lot right?

But since I put them up for adoption, I have adopted a few, and I have also applied for some new ones. I will share those links with you. So if you find something you like, then please go and join up!

I applied for these and was approved, Yay!

The Americans Impractical Jokers Volleyball Tears Pink Diamonds Johnny Cash Camping Peanut Butter & Celery Dean Koontz

I was able to adopt these, thank you so much to the lovely people that allowed me to adopt them

Anne Frank History Channel Genre: Drama Gummy Worms Biffy Clyro Zodiac: Sagittarius

And I made a new layout for the Guatemala fanlisting, I hope to make new layouts for another few fanlistings.
Country: Guatemala

And I am happy to announce that I have finally re-opened my website directory woohoo!! I was struggling with finding a workable script and I did manage to find one, I did although have a problem with the update page, it just doesn’t seem to be sending the emails, and that has frazzled me lol. So I had to use a regular mail form from the same author. But it works, and I do get submission. I emailed another person that is using the same script, as it seems to be working for her, but I have yet to hear back *fingers crossed*

Please if you have a blog, domain, collective, fanlisting, hatelisting, namelisting, numberlisting, clique, graphic site, resource site, just about any type of site, then please go and submit your site, it is FREE!!! Linking back is not a requirement but would be very much appreciated to help spread the word about the re-opening. I hope to have this open for years to come, as it was closed for about 2 years. It has a new layout up, it’s fresh, clean and simple, be sure to check it out, click the image below! I am looking for affiliates, so if you have a directory head on over and affiliate with me.

Ok well this was a long post, I didn’t expect it to be so long, but now you see what I was keeping myself busy with. Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll see you in the next one, hopefully it won’t be too long until the next one

Getting Enthusiast Fully Working

Recently, I have had problems with Enthusiasts, but slowly they are getting worked out. My most current problem is what happens after I approve someone after they had submitted to join one of my fan listings. They get a message saying that their submission was accepted, but that there was an error with sending them the confirmation email. That is one problem, and then the other is when I approve, it says failed to send email, so I think they both have to do with the same thing.

For some reason my Enthusiats settings isn’t keeping the box in this image saved


The SMTP Authentication box doesn’t stay ticked, so when I save it’s like I didn’t even tick it. Once I get that sorted, I think it will be fully functional, but finding that solution is the problem so far. Being that has been out of work for so long. They have the Board now, which is great, but people are starting to trickle in little by little. Hopefully it will be back and fully functioning soon. *fingers crossed* I dislike that my members don’t get an email saying they were approved.

If you come across this post, please direct me to the right place that can help me with this. Anyway I guess that is all. Oh I have acquired 2 more fanlistings. I know I said I wouldn’t be couldn’t help it. I have now the Monopoly fanlisting so if you like please join!! I also have the Siamese Cat fanlisting which I still have to put up and will do that tomorrow. So once that is up, be looking for an update with a link and maybe you will love to join.

Ok I am really going now. My hunny wants dinner. Have a great weekend.