All Moved

Okay, well it seems like moving hosts, went without a hitch I’m hoping, because I can still log into my ftp, which I find to be odd, just to be on the cautious side, I won’t do any major updates. Not for at least another day. I have already talked to, and they gave me up until December 14th, so that’s good.

I also got involved in the Christmas Card exchange which is my first year, so I’m excited about that. I think it’s a good way to get to know some of the people on the board. I’m also a troubles checker there now as well. Woo, I think it’s a good experience, because I have my own listing website, and this gives me information as to how I can run mine better. Good idea hey?

If this post happens to disappear, than I guess I hadn’t been moved in yet lol. Okay well I got stuff to do, have a great week everyone.

Staying After All

Well I’m happy to say that it turns out the new hosting company is keeping us with our current prices, so there will be no moving thank goodness. Although I am disappointed because I found out that other clients got a welcome email and I didn’t I even checked my spam, and I have received two other emails from the new hosting company so I know they have the correct email. So where is my welcome email? I know there must be important information there, and I still want it. I’m miffed about this because if this is any indication of what the hosting customer service is going to be like, this does not make me happy at all. I will be the first to admit if its deep in my spam folder but I doubt it, as the change just currently happened, so it had to be within days of my last post.

Anyway I just wanted to reassure everyone that is hosted with me on any of my websites, that we are not moving. I do need to find out more information about this hosting company, like if my price will change once my current year is up, if so then I will move, if not than I will stay. So I will keep everyone up to date on things, as they progress.

Okay that is all for now about this. Thank you for being understanding and patient. Have a lovely weekend.