Spending Money

We went on a little shopping trip today, we went to get some curtains for the kitchen, a little change will be cool, a valance for the front door, a blender, a big clock for the living room, it looks really nice. Gosh we got home, had a quick bite to eat, put up the valance and clock, now I’m tired :yawn: So I thought I’d come on and see what’s up on here, I realised I haven’t posted since Wednesday that is shocking because I usually post every other day, so I don’t know what happened that changed things *thinks for a minute* nope I really have no clue. Ahh William is a he made me some tea, yummy! So I finally got paid my first day for PayPerPost, well actually, I can’t cash out until its up to $50 dollars, and I got a bit to go, but hey it’s a start. Mm there is nothing like a nice hot cup of Earl Grey to relax you. I’m on the laptop while William is playing the :console: ps3, he’s trying to beat Uncharted 2, he’s almost there too. Go William!!!

Last night I watched Public Enemies, it was good film, Johnny Depp is such a great actor. You should go see it, I won’t say much about it, so I’ll post you a youtube video for your enjoyment, check it out see if you like it. Lmao I went to IMDB to look for it, and it wasn’t coming up, it’s because I was typing in Public Enemy, instead of Public Enemies :rotfl: ahh well now I got it right. Anyway here is the video enjoy.

The theme I am using at she-says.com, comes with bookmarks so I think I’ll deactivate the Sexy Bookmarks until I change themes again. Because they are clashing and looks funny. Gosh I can’t believe how much shopping tires you out, especially when you got rude shoppers around you. Oh and today I was looking at the curtains and this guy was just standing there staring at me, he creeped me out. He wasn’t odd or creepy looking, but for some reason it made my skin crawl. It’s odd because people have stared or looked at me before and I never felt what I felt when I seen this guy staring, it really creeped me out. Anyway forget about that, it’s over and past now.

Oh yes next weekend, we are going to Jaime’s house, she has twins, and it’s their 2nd birthday, sooo cute the twins. So while shopping he picked their presents, the toys are so cute. He got his niece Maddy, a ‘Disney Princess Belle Royal Tea Set’, oh I think she’ll like it, and for his nephew Jeremy he got him a ‘Little People Builders Build ‘n Drive Fire Truck’ it’s too cute, I think they will love it. Seriously I remember when I got my tea set, I must of had a few of them while growing up, but I just loved them. I think the tea set for Maddy is a good starter one, I know she’s just turning two, and it says 3+ but hey William, said it would be fine, the only small things is the spoons, if Jaime worries I suppose she can take those away from here and just have the cups and teapot, it’s just too adorable. Ahh anyway I think that’s it for now. I’m tired, and just want to relax, plus I’m getting cold as well. Have a great week eveyone!