It’s Friday, Yay!

I’m sure a lot of people are thankful that the end of the week is finally here. To me it’s all the same, since I’m home bound most of the time. Whatever I do, it’s via the laptop, surprisingly that really does take up a lot of time. I don’t think I have enough time in a day to accomplish all I want, but than again who does.

So it’s the weekend, what are your plans?

As for us here, probably do some grocery shopping, and go look at some TV stands, as we need one with some storage place for our all the toys we have lol. I make that sound like we have one of everything, which we don’t. Just some place to store the ps3, and blu-ray player, and of course the games we play most, not to mention films as well. We’ll probably go Saturday, I’m hoping my knee will feel better, as I had re-injured it again. It’s not as bad as times before, but I worry too. We just had snow fall, and the ground will be wet, and I don’t feel like slipping even a tiny bit, because that can cause another injury, maybe even worse, God forbid!

We caught up with V last night, completely forgot it was on this week. We just love that show. We also had a good dose of X-Files! Omg we are on season 9, meaning it’s going to end, NOO SAY IT AIN’T SO. You can get so attached to a TV show lmao how funny. Two weeks will be watching Supernatural, I just can’t wait. We so love that TV show!

Oh I finally settled on a DA account, lmao, I changed it like 2 times, this would make my 3rd, but it was the name I was not liking, this one is more me, because it is me lol, me as in emmiiee yay!

Anyway I better get going, got lots of things to do. Need to get into and see what i’m going to do there. It’s been too hard trying to incorporate the script I have into wordpress, so I’m trashing that idea, and see about making my own layout. Simple is good I suppose, just want better activity on that website. I plan on trying to on cleaning out a lot of stuff on there, there are talks of perhaps, deleting all submission, and starting fresh, now I don’t like that idea, because a lot of people still have us linked, and you know how that is. Once you link something like a directory you tend to let it sit on a page, with no real return visits, unless it’s to update information.

So if anyone would like to help me, or have some ideas, please do email me, there is a contact page on the website, Thank you so much, have a lovely weekend!

New Layout!

Wow finally after how many years hah im kidding, but it has been a good long wait. So enjoy this one cos it will be around for a while lol. That’s if I find time to make another later when I am finally disgusted by this one lmao. I think it’s cute and as you can see I took back my original name kiss me so I’m happy about that. There may be some errors around the site but I’ll fix them as I come upon them, I also need to make some new buttons so right after this post I’ll do that then look around for errors ,and yay visitors can leave comments now woohoo

I almost lost like 8 of my fanlistings whilst I was gone, soon as I read the emails I replied to them that the problems were fixed, so I think I am okay now. I need to seriously think of the fanlistings I would like to let go, and just let them go you know? I guess I keep them for sentimental reasons, but I should really let them go. Ok well I best get on to do with what I need to do. I need to also check to see if my hostees are actually still here lol. Ok see ya!