What’s Going On With Me?

I have had so much going on, that doing this 2nd blog has been impossible to keep up with. Since I recently, I’d say a few months now, I have got interested in doing my own nails, it has taken more time out of my life that I thought would happen. But I am by no means complaining at all. I enjoy myself very much. Learn is the key, and it’s fun. I’m not sure if I’ll keep this blog up. I have thought about cross posting, but then you would have missed out on some blog posts already, so I’m not sure. For now this will stay here and I will post from time to time.

Recently I joined influenster, and I am trying my first products. I got the Crest 3D White – Whitestrips. When I was going to first try them. I thought “Oh no this is not going to work on me, I have crooked teeth, and the strips won’t sit on them flatly, so I thought about asking my boyfriend, but he wasn’t too crazy about doing it. Two reasons I wanted him to try, is 1 he is a heavy smoker so his teeth have yellowed, when I say heavy, I don’t mean like 3 packs a day, he doesn’t finish 1 pack a day, but to me it seems like heavy. and 2 because his teeth are straight, and mine aren’t. But in the end I decided to do it myself.

This is the kit I got from Influenster, I am on my 5th day of 7 days, that’s how many days worth I got. When I opened up the individual packet. I was so very happy to see that the strips are flexible and can contour to your teeth, so I was all Yay!!!! So I have tweeted and posted on my facebook each day I wear them. I did take one day off, I was feeling too much sensitivity, but I am wearing it now as I write this. I do need to take a moment off and take them off. My 2 hours are up. I do wear them 2 hours per day. Which at first it was uncomfortable, and I didn’t like the taste too much. I brush my teeth before and after wearing them. I got use to them after the first hour lol.
So over all I would say this is a definite hit!! In my hits and misses list, which I haven’t started, but I guess now I have LOL. Ok well that is it or now! OH yeah I left a video of my unboxing down below, enjoy!!

Again thanks for stopping by! Hope you all have a great week, an awesome Thanksgiving and Christmas if I don’t get back here in time!