Book Signing

We went to the book signing for Grant Wilson and Jason Hawes of Ghost Hunters, and if you are a follower of this blog or if you aren’t, lol. Let it be known I am a big fan of Ghost Hunters, so big I made them fanlistings, I plan on create new better layouts, and then I will get in touch with them, and hope they link me on their websites, it would be awesome.

Well about the book signing, it was so exciting, we both bought their latest book ‘Ghost Hunt’ and had it signed, check out the photos! If you are a fan of Ghost Hunters and the cast, then join their fanlistings! I have to say this was a very exciting day. We have been following Ghost Hunters for quite a while. It was so cool because William mentioned that he went to New England IT and Jason looked up at him and said ‘I did too’, we never knew he had gone there, so that was really cool to have him say that.

That was a lot of fun, I am closing the post here, because the pictures make it long hehe. This was suppose to be posted like a few days ago, and I had so many distractions it wasn’t funny. Anyway better go, have a good wicked weekend!

Happy October

Here we go into the Halloween :pumpkin: month, and my moms birthday too R.I.P I miss her, but I’m going to make a point of remembering all the happy times, and not be sad. I hope to take advantage of October this year, and do a lot of stuff or at least see a lot of things. I want to go back to Salem during the festival week. I’m not sure if its a weekend or week or month long thing, but I guess I should find out.

I know I used this theme last year, but it’s so awesome, that I couldn’t help it. Now I have a habit of half way through the month changing again, so it may happen, depending on how busy I get :monkey: this monkey is cute. I was debating between the size 16 or 24 smilies, I mean there isn’t anything in between, one can look too big, and the other can look to small :shutmouth: guess for now it’ll be small, unless I change fonts.

So this Saturday, we are going to Rhode Island book signing for 2 cast members of Ghost Hunters, I’m pretty excited, even though meeting them will be about 30 seconds long as they are signing books, and well I’m going to have to be fast with the camera if they allow us to even take photos, I’m hoping to get my TAPS baseball cap signed by both, woo wish me luck :pray: They’ll be at a Barnes & Nobles on Saturday, can’t wait!

Last night William and myself watched a film called Frozen, and wow that was a really intense film, I can’t really say thriller, and I can’t really say horror, but there was blood shed! Check it out if you can, I’ll post a trailer for you to see here.

There you go, and tonight we’re going to see Case 39, I love Renรฉe Zellweger, I think this is the first film she is playing in that is horror, and I’m not use to that, so this will be a treat to see. So I can’t wait to see it, if you plan to see it let me know, I want your take on it. I can’t wait, got a hot date with a handsome guy :beauty: Well this film comes out today, so I’ll leave a trailer for this as well, providing I can find one :laugh:

I left you with a lot to look at.

I was also going to mention that I will be putting up for adoption a lot of my fanlistings, I really want to trim it down to at least half of what I have currently. If you are interested in knowing what fanlistings I have check out what I currently have. Speaking of my collective, I’m having a problem with the Enthu script, so if anyone is an expert with it, can you look at my previous post I made, and read what’s happening, maybe you can help :fingersxd:

Wow longish post, hehe, well anyway, time for me to go, got lots to do before William gets home and it’s already after 4pm here. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!