What’s New Here?

A couple of fanlistings I have added. In my last post which was quite a while ago. I closed a handful of fanlistings, and I think it is time to close another handful. Specifically, my Simpsons related fanlisting which I have a lot of. I think I am done with that now. I think there is a show that ended so I am going to close that, yeah I have some ideas.

I recently opened the Month: May, Zombies (Mythology/Religion » Folklore), Ghosts (Mythology/Religion » Folklore), 2 paranormal related TV shows Ghost Hunters and Ghost Nation, lead investigator from Ghost Hunters Grant Wilson, 3 name listings Lily (Is the name of one of my cats), Daisy (my other cat) & Mike/Michael, and 2 that I adopted Nail Polish (which I have wanted for like ever, so, thank you, Deborah!) and the Tulips fanlisting, I have the Red Tulips fanlistings but I love all Tulips so when I had the opportunity to adopt it, I did so, thank you, Susanna!

This was a few months ago, and just recently like 1 or 2 weeks ago, I applied for another 2 fanlistings that I saw come up as available and I wanted, so I am keeping my fingers crossed for them. The Turquoise (Nature > Rocks/Gems/Crystals) and Daisies (Nature > Plants/Flowers/Herbs) fanlistings, ahh I have always wanted Sunflower because it was my mother’s favorite flower, RIP mom! Sentimental for me.

I could not resist and had to pop over to the fanlisting and what did I do? I applied for yet another fanlisting, the Cats: Tortoiseshell (Mammals: Felines), they also had the Silver Tabby, but I don’t have any, and I think someone that does would love to have it.

I also checked and they did receive my submissions for the other two, so I hope that I get them! Well, that is all for now. I hope you are all staying safe and healthy. And don’t forget to go out and vote!

Belated Happy New Year 2014

I hope everyone had a good New Years ever, for that matter holidays in general. Once Halloween comes, the rest roll in real quick! Just a quick post to wish everyone a Happy New Year, and much success in all that your heart desires. I hope to post more, but since I am not really adopting many fanlistings, and no real updates to do, until I get around to changing layouts. I don’t have time for that at the moment, got a lot going on as it is. But when I do I’ll post about it.


As for thefanlistings.org, the only thing really open is the board, so I may pop in there from time to time, and hope to finally see the whole website open! Oh yeah I wanted to share a picture of my kitten Daisy, she is a female siamese, and the cutest little active one ever!! She’s about 3 months old!

Daisy 2013

With that said, Happy New Year!