Happy Birthday William!

Happy Birthday WilliamHere it comes again, another birthday for such a lovely, loving, caring, friendly, helpful, tender, realistic, thoughtful, guy I have ever had the pleasure to know. Thank you for coming into my life, you are the best ever!!! Well yes this is a special post for a really special guy, William! His birthday, which coincidentally falls on the same day my nephew Mike, so Happy Birthday to Mike as well. I love you sweety, and miss you like crazy. Come home soon (home being CA, not MA) lol.

It’s been raining today, so it’s a lot colder *brrr* earlier there was really loud thunder and lightening, I mean seriously loud, I was a bit concerned hehe. Maybe it seemed louder because I was upstairs? It has stopped now, thank goodness! Oh my the sun came out how nice, and weird at the same time, thunder and lighetening, then the nice sun comes out, yay!

So what is going to happen tonight, well celebrate William’s birthday of course! It’s a week day so there isn’t really going to be any drinking, something he’ll like for dinner, some cake, presents. It will pretty much be a typical Thursday. We’ll watch Ghost Hunters, and Survivor, and just relax, back to work as usual on Friday! Yeah he should of taken Thur and Fri off, but hey it’s not that easy, and well in this day and time, you can’t really afford to take much time off, unless its absolutely necessary.

So I recently entered a contest, but I am saying right now. I don’t think I’m close to winning lol. But I do want to ask people to click for me, and help me get my points up. The big prize is 5,000 yup! It’s to promote the new AMC Televsion series that is premiering on Halloween October 31, 2010, yeah I know you know when Halloween is, but others may not Anyway the TV series is called ‘The Walking Dead‘ omg can you guess what it is about?

Heh, yup! ZOMBIES!!!!

click me click me click me

Yeah I can’t believe they are actually coming out with a TV series about zombies, I am so excited about this, as you know or don’t know. I am a big horror film fan, and zombies is right at the top! Like 2 or 3 posts back I posted a trailer about it, so I thought I would post it again, to remind people what it is about. Please please click on the banner above and that will give me a point, that’s all it takes just a *click* no signing up for anything, or logging in, just a click!!! Leave a comment if you did, that is if you want me to return the favor for something

There you go, so please click on ‘The Walking Dead’ banner and help me win the big prize!!!

I Won The Contest!!~

Yes!! I won, I’m excited and well I have a lot of emotions going through my mind, if you only knew haha. But yeah I was so shocked when I got the email, at first I seen an email in there with the subject Bataclan, but it didn’t quite hit me yet, I think I thought it was spam of some sort, really I thought that lol. So I ignored the email for like a day, but then the following day when I logged into to read my email it stood out to me again, and thought I better check and delete if it is spam, but it wasn’t lol! I opened it and I was so thrilled at what at the realisation that it was about the contest, I began to read it and noticed that it began to sound like they are thanking me for participating, here is the line that lead me to believe that:

Dear Emily,

On behalf of the Bangles, thank you so much for participating in the Bataclan Paris Banner Click Street Team Contest.

So naturally I thought aww that’s nice of them to email me and thank me for participating, which i was hoping they would do anyway. Then I went on to read the next line which said:

Your banner has generated the most clicks and you have finished the contest in First Place.

At this point my heart leaped out of my chest lol I got very excited I thought OMG First place??? This is fantastic!! This is awesome!! This is like a dream come true lol. I continued to read on, and it said this next:

Unfortunately, despite everyone’s fantastic efforts, the Bataclan concert has been canceled, so we are unable to offer you a meet-and-greet at this time.

We are very sorry for this turn of events.

The high I experienced, just dropped to the floor lol. I was like Noooooooooo no no no. Awww bummer arggg ahhhh why why why. Ok so after feeling down about that, I continued to read and it said this:

In the meantime, we are putting together a Bangles package for you with a tee shirt, CDs and some other collectible items.

I thought aww well that’s nice of them to send me something, but I’m not sure how to interpret this, the beginning of this line says “In the meantime” does that mean they still plan on giving me the original prize? They just don’t know when or where? I’m not sure because initially reading that I didn’t think much of those 3 words, until like yesterday. And I know myself, I usually just brush things away as “they know what they are doing”. But should I question them about that. My friend Chris told me, how can a few prizes really replace such an experience as going somewhere you dreamt of going all your life, and seeing them in concert and having backstage passes to meet them!! That is not replaceable, which I have to agree on, but I don’t really feel I have any control over what they do to be quiet honest. I’m just happy to know that all the promotion I did, helped me win and all the people that clicked for me, you are all amazing. That’s how the ball bounces sometimes right? What would you do if you got that email, would you question the “In the meantime” bit of it? Or just brush that aside as if it’s just something they need to say. I would be fantastic though if like next year I got a chance to see them in Paris. I did check their tour and it was not on their tour schedule so yeah it as canceled and I’m not sure why, I can only assume they didn’t sell enough tickets. That’s what happened, but soon as I get whatever they are sending I will take some pictures of it and post it. I told BFF that I would give her the t-shirt if they send one because she likes The Bangles as well and she was the one I was going to take with me to the concert, so I want her to have something also

Wow this got so long huh? Again thank you so much everyone for clicking for me, without you I would of not won this contest, you are all too awesome. If I can return the favor let me know Anyway I just ran across a site with a music video and just discovered this band, I love when that happens. I discover a new band yay! So enjoy the video! We The Kings are FTW!!