Earth Week

Ok so I go into the bathroom today to do my business lol, sorry for sharing, but I look at the door and I see this big black ant, I swear people here in Massachusetts, we seem to have big black ants and they are scary lol. Anyway so I though oh great here we go, they are coming into the house, but not in the kitchen, the window in the bathroom was open, and I believe that is where they came in through. Does this mean that this is the beginning of Spring?

I hate spiders, ants, any type of small bugs, okay even big bugs too. I will freak out! Hahah. So since it seems like Spring is really here, we are getting these big black ants in the bathroom, I’m assuming they are coming in through the window, not a whole lot of them, because they are big enough so just a few seems like a lot to me. We had ant traps type thing outside near the doors that would keep them out, but I guess they found a way in through the bathroom window, damn ants, stay away!!!

So this is Earth Week, yay! Recycle, Go Green I say! So this week everyone is getting in on this Go Green, Earth Week deal, I don’t think people should wait for Earth week, they should do this all the time. We try to recycle and use the least amount of energy possible, but sometimes you just can’t help it! Anyway so I just wanted to wish everyone a good Earth Week and try to do all that you can to get in on it.

There are a lot of TV shows that are supporting the Go Green topic, as well. I am a getgluer and I have so much fun on, so you know I will be checking into many TV shows this week, for the Earth Week topic!

Easter is almost here too. We are going to Jaime’s house, to see the kids go all crazy finding eggs. We are going to be taking (hopefully) hehe. A bunny shaped ice cream cake, oh yes the kids will love this! Ok well William should be home soon, so I’m going to go now