10 Years? Really?

It’s so hard to believe, that, that much time really has flown by. Throughout those 10 years I have often thought about what happened on that day. I mean seriously, who couldn’t? I’m sure it’s come into your mind, now and then. Something triggers the memory, or perhaps you lost someone there, and I’m so very sorry for that. None of that should of ever happened, what has humanity come to. But I’m not here to talk politics lol, not that I ever do. But I just want to remember.

So William went out to get the newspaper, and we got the Boston Herald, the front page was beautiful, I decided to keep the front page, just felt like I wanted to, is that wrong? Anyway I took a quick snapshot to show you all.

I just felt like sharing that too. I’m kind of speechless to this 911 topic, I just feel so sad right now, and I want to change the tone of my post, so please just take a moment for those who were lost, and their families and friends who are missing them.

Last night, we went to the drive-in. I was so excited, so excited to see Contagion and Final Destination 5, I loved both of these films, they were much better than I expected, especially Final Destination, I really expected, to expect certain things, and well it really was a refresh difference from the other films, enough said, i am not spoiling it for any that have yet to see it, but I will spoil Contagion for you, so close your eyes lol *fair warning* I see a sequel coming out that’s all I’m saying. Ok one more thing, I hope a sequel comes out

So the weather was gorgeous, I tried taking a photo of the moon with my mobile phone but it came out crappy, so this is all I have to show. Aww boo, I tried to upload the photo to my dropbox, but it kept restarting my phone, grrr, I will next time, or just take my word for it, it was a gorgeous night!

I still had a fantastic time, William was like so hyped up but I think it was from coffee, and not the films, but then again who knows hey? All I know is we had a great time! As we drove home, I was being all paranoid, haha, I’m like please drive with both hands on the steering wheel, and why are you driving so fast haha. Yeah I was a basket case, but alas we made it home safely, I love William, thank you so much babe for taking me to see the films. He’s truly the best!

Where Were You?

Today is one of many days to remember that has affected all of us in some way. 9/11 how can we forget, we can’t. Where were you when you first heard about the bad news?

I recall waking up, and hearing the sound of the DJ on the radio, the only thing is he didn’t sound like himself. he sounded so sad, and I wondered why that was, as he was always so bubbly and happy. So I listened for a bit and then realised what happened, I immediately got up and turned the TV on and to my shock! I just couldn’t believe what had happened. Omg I started to cry! Even now I still feel the sadness, and I know I will eventually have a little session.

I don’t like to have my blogs be sad, and I’m going to try to perk this one up, but I just wanted anyone who stumbles across this blog, to have at least remembered if even for 30 seconds.

I’m about to do some measurements on some items I’m going to post on Ebay. But I wanted to start this blog first. I figured I can bounce back and forth with the blog. It also gives me time to think of what I’d like to talk about. Like I said the other day, I have a lot of stuff, and my stuff was all over the room.

I did clean it up though, because it felt so much more cluttered than it needed to be.

I had a lovely comment on my last post, you know I had that plugger thing, but when I changed my theme it disappeared along with a few other plug-ins than I just couldn’t be bothered to add it again, I’ll have to see about that. So thank you very much for leaving me a comment Mahala, I will be paying you all a visit. Thank you again.

Phew, I had to walk away from the blog, I had to iron, measure and take pictures of four blouses, wow that alone took long lol. I’m glad it’s done, now I download the pictures, crop what I need to crop, and create my descriptions, fun stuff!!

I know it will pay off in the end, and I mean literally pay off :heh:

Anyway I shall be going, and I am going to leave you with a music video of a song suggested by Vicky, thank you so much !! It’s a great song! I’m going to check out all the songs If you have a song you would like to suggest, leave it in my comments, I will post one in my next blog post. Have a lovely weekend!