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Getting Enthusiast Fully Working

Recently, I have had problems with Enthusiasts, but slowly they are getting worked out. My most current problem is what happens after I approve someone after they had submitted to join one of my fan listings. They get a message saying that their submission was accepted, but that there was an error with sending them the confirmation email. That is one problem, and then the other is when I approve, it says failed to send email, so I think they both have to do with the same thing.

For some reason my Enthusiats settings isn’t keeping the box in this image saved


The SMTP Authentication box doesn’t stay ticked, so when I save it’s like I didn’t even tick it. Once I get that sorted, I think it will be fully functional, but finding that solution is the problem so far. Being that has been out of work for so long. They have the Board now, which is great, but people are starting to trickle in little by little. Hopefully it will be back and fully functioning soon. *fingers crossed* I dislike that my members don’t get an email saying they were approved.

If you come across this post, please direct me to the right place that can help me with this. Anyway I guess that is all. Oh I have acquired 2 more fanlistings. I know I said I wouldn’t be couldn’t help it. I have now the Monopoly fanlisting so if you like please join!! I also have the Siamese Cat fanlisting which I still have to put up and will do that tomorrow. So once that is up, be looking for an update with a link and maybe you will love to join.

Ok I am really going now. My hunny wants dinner. Have a great weekend.