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Happy New Year 2012

I just wanted to wish everyone a very Happy and safe New Year! I wish everyone much success, a healthy life, and a lot of love in the new year! Happy 2012!!

I’m going to spend New Years with my wonderfully loving boyfriend, there isn’t anywhere else I would want to spend it but with him. We are keeping it safe this year, here at home. Where ever you go tonight, stay safe out there, and don’t drink and drive!

As for what’s going on with the website, not a lot, not with the holidays and all. This time of the year keeps you busy with family, friends and all that comes with it. I have changed hosting as you seen from my previous post, and we are very happy here so far!

That’s really all I have to say for now, just have a Happy New Year, see you soon!

My Hosting Is A Life Saver

Serioulsy I am so very lucky this happened, AFTER we switched servers, because honestly I don’t think my old host would of been able to help, but who knows. Last night I was working on switching over my Screenshot Exchange, and it was late, and I knew I was tired, but I still continued on. My boyfriend came up and asked me to come down already lol, so I said ‘Ok’ so in my haste, I thought, I will just delete the database and continue on tomorrow fresh and new.

I don’t know if I was blinded, dyslexic, or just really super tired, but I deleted the database to my collective. OH MY GOSH I went into freak out mode!

I immediately contacted my host, and they are so awesome, they had just backed my stuff up like 19 minutes prior to contacting them, and they were able to restore exactly what I had, OH MY GOSH they so rock!! BTW my hosting is I was referred to them by a staff member of, I am so happy that this was worked out. I would of been devastated if I had to start over again. I am so deeply indebted to them.

What’s more is I had just like a day or two prior, contacted my host about having some downtime, and I had told them everything was moved fine. Hah! Gosh I’m just really happy right about now. I also have finally got all my replies back from my fellow staff members so I am going to go out and write some Christmas cards tonight. And have them ready to be sent out on Monday. Yay!