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East Coast Preparing!

This is rather a little scary on my part, because honestly I have never been in an area, direct area pretty much of a hurricane, and I’m hearing his one is going to be pretty bad, probably worse in some areas, but today we were out, and people are really buying stuff to be prepared. Survival type of stuff, I mean we picked up a few things as well like an ice chest, since we didn’t have one, as the power may go out, and we don’t want our freezer items to spoil, so it’s one of those ‘just in case’ type of deals!

So I’ve heard a lot about hurricane Irene, she is suppose to be really nasty in some parts, I really pray that no one is hurt, much less die, and I hope the places they may get hit the hardest are super prepared. I know everyone is hearing about it everywhere so I should really stop now lol. Just one last thing, have you ever thought what would you do, if the electricity went out, if help couldn’t come your way? Are you prepared?

It was really hot while out today, it’s humid too but hot hot, like beach weather hot! I’m glad to be home, and honestly I know I said I wouldn’t mention it again lol, but I hope we don’t lose power during the hurricane, I say this because if we do, and it’s humid, you will not want to be around crabby me lol

Anyway, I better go. I’m trying to finish up this fanlisting, before I sent an email to the person I adopted it from, it’s a band I like Yay! Be safe out there this weekend everyone! (that lives in the areas that may be hit with hurricane Irene)

Drive-in and Fireworks

We had a great time at the drive in last night. We got to watch two great films, both of which we wanted to see. I have to admit, I was looking forward to seeing one more than the other, we saw Captain America, and Rise of the planet of the Apes, Rise of the planet of the apes was such an amazing film. I am so wanting that on Blu-ray! I enjoyed Captain America too. And during Captain America, somewhere far behind us, they were shooting off fireworks wow, it was pretty cool lol. It was an absolutely perfect night for the drive-in. The weather was so perfect, since it’s been humid and hot lately, even at night. Last night was so perfect!! We couldn’t be any happier, and no freaking mosquitoes, a few little bugs here and there, and we even smelt a skunk, haha, that was funny. Eventually that horrible smell subsided, thank goodness.

Tonight, William is babysitting his niece and nephews, he asked if I wanted to go, but I don’t feel comfortable sleeping over someone else’s house, and besides the kids will keep him busy, and I’d be on the couch just twittering lol, so I feel I can make myself useful staying at home, and doing some things here that I need to do. I’m going to miss him = He’ll be back tomorrow though, as he’s spending the night. Ahh I love my William!

So I was getgluing, and there is new film coming out called Shark Night 3D, yeah it seems like its one of those cheesy films, with just showing a bunch of girls asses and tits, lol, but since I haven’t seen the entire film, I am not sure, but most of these films are like that, I watch the trailer, and even though there is a lot of ass being show lol, I probably will still watch it, because I’m into shark films, ever since JAWS! So yeah I will definitely be watching, and I thought you might want to take a look at the trailer so here it, enjoy!