Money Is Good, Yes?!

Bring me the money, gosh that probably has been used so much lol. I like it though, I am getting offers to write, so that is bringing me money in, yay for me. We can definitely use the money, and it’s really great to see offers come in, it brightens my day. Besides it helps to pay for my ebay fees hehe. I have two more that I need to do, but since I did one yesterday and then again today, I thought writing my own blog would be a good idea. Hehe. So I’m a bit tired today, so I am going to leave this as a draft and finish it off tomorrow morning, as I don’t think I have the energy to really talk about stuff, I have all kinds of stuff running around in my head lol. Until tomorrow

Ok, so I’m bright eyed and bushy tailed lol, and ready to start my day. I got a lot to do and I hope I can get half of them done.

Oh I’m so excited, because I finally was approved for a fanlisting that seemed to have taken so long to get together and approved, but at about 5 am this morning my approval email came in. So since I had so much going on, I had to keep putting in for extensions, and when I finally got around to doing it, I had like a day to do it, and while doing that I ran into a problem with my enthusiast, which just delayed me even more. I wasn’t getting a solution for it, so that was upsetting, because it prevented me from being able to create a new fanlisting, so I had to create something fast and very manual, so manual that I used reg forms to join and such. But since it’s a working fanlisting now, I can create a new layout, and get it put on the network with the rest of my fanlistings, phew that was a mouthful hehe.

And since I’m having this problem with WordPress and Enthusiast, I’m considering just making a layout and using WordPress and just a blog, but that is going to be time consuming as I’ve never bothered to do that hehe, so I’ll have to figure out how to do it. I posted at forum, and I did get some help, but I still came up with an error, so that just upset me, because I don’t have a lot of time to wait for help lol. I know I have to be patient and all. So for the time being, it’s going to stay as it is for now. And maybe little by little create a layout, but I must first find out how to use WordPress as just a blogging script, not for all my pages and such.

So I have my hands full, and because all that doesn’t pay, I try to spend the least amount of time with that. As long as my fanlistings are accessible which they are now, I think the other error can just wait. I really want to get my directory sorted as well. I tried using a wordpress theme, but that just doesn’t seem to be working out for me, so I may go ahead and make a layout for that as well, oh my gosh, I just don’t have time for all of this lol. And since I’m trying to run the directory by myself, I just don’t have all the time in the world to do it. Plus I also want to use a different script, a more updated and secure script. Wish me luck, I need to get going!

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