Hurricane Alert – Dud!!

Yeah I’m so not use to bad winter weather, so when William told me there would be a hurricane coming toward us, I got excited lol, I know I’m weird :shy: I got equally excited when we got the blizzard last winter, I actually expected more, but it was still fun being outside in knee deep snow woohoo go us! Anyway about the hurricane, I was reading the weather bug on my mobile phone, and I looked at my twitter and Dustin Pari said that it is more like a Tropical Storm :no: I was bummed but then I seen nothing of a sort, some rain, lots of mugginess and that is about all. Bummer, but on that same note, glad we didn’t get one, because that usually ends with damage to someone’s house, and that isn’t fun, so I am happy it didn’t happen either. So today looks beautiful and there is a little bit of mugginess but i’m sure it will be okay. It’s nice and cool up here. William is downstairs playing the playstation, a football game. I can hear it all the way up here lol. He loves that game! His birthday is coming :present:

So while I’m writing my post, gosh I just remember I have to update my other websites, will do that after this post. I also have to crop some pictures for some of my eBay things. I keep getting distracted with things, I may post a picture of two of Lizzie Bordens house, when Alice was here during her visit we all went to Lizzie Borden’s house to tour it. Ok I’ll post a few pics! I twittered about it, but never got around to posting the pictures.

Wow those are some weird photos. Anyway I guess I gave you something to see now. Yeah Lizzie Borden supposedly murdered her father and mother, and well they made a film about it, it starred Elizabeth Montgomery, she came out in that old 60’s TV show called Bewitched, the film is called ‘The Legend of Lizzie Borden‘. Anyway if you are interested in the story you can see a few videos at the official website for Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast. Ok that’s it for my post, have a good weekend, Happy Labor Day!

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