Happy Father’s Day!

Last year I spoke a bit about the fact that men are not the only fathers. My sister and her partner adopted three children, all siblings, adorable kids. My sister had to be the father on many instances, so I wanted to say there are many women, taking on the role of being a father. I applaud them.

I just upgraded my wordpress, and I really like how it looks, you should upgrade right away, speaking of …. I need to do that to my other websites. So I watched the Celtics vs Lakers game, even though I had been some what of a Laker follower, I was cheering on the Celtics. I spoke about this before, 1. I hate purple lol, 2. My family followed the Lakers. I didn’t want to follow them because of that, so I decided to go my own way. Anyway unfortunately the Celtics lost, IMHO I feel the Lakers played a better game. Maybe next year Celtics, and for the record it’s not “just a game” heh.

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