Gone Too Quick

How does the weekend just fly by so quickly, gosh were not only on Monday, but in February as well. Wow hey? Ok so now all the Valentine stuff starts to happen, and a lot of people hate this time of the year, for many reasons. I think some because it’s overrated, others because they don’t have anyone special, and are jealous, a few well probably more than a few have someone, but that someone don’t really acknowledge what this day means for their loved ones. Well I hope they open up their eyes, and try to see it from the others point of view. I like to share my life to a certain extent on my blog, I think sure a blog you should talk about your life and whatever involves your life, but I feel that is really up to the author, that being me (Emily). And somethings I just like to keep to myself, as many others do. I have a special someone in my life, and I adore him, love him, he means so very much to me. With him it always feels that it is Valentine’s Day, I am blessed to be quite honest, not afraid to say that either. I remember when I was at my sisters house, how her partner would decorate some with Valentine’s stuff, I thought that was so cute. I would definitely do that, I’m really into the holidays and it’s always nice to be with someone that thinks similar, because when that happens, then it’s no surprise. I think I’ll change my theme for Valentine’s it’ll be fun.

This weekend was relaxing, and fun. On Saturday, we spent the evening at Jaime’s house (Williams sister), and we babysat, I watched William interacting with the kids, gosh they love him so much, it’s just too cute to see them. RJ is good on the Wii, he beat William a few times and was all proud of it hehe. That seemed like a very long night, I think it was more for William, as he was chasing the kids around lol. On Friday and Sunday we watched a lot of LOST, and we are just about caught up, the new season starts tomorrow Tuesday! We will have to record at least the first two episodes, because I believe we have like 10 episodes of season 5 left before we are completely caught up. Shame that it’s the last season, but all good things come to an end eventually, well maybe not all good things This weekend we watched Pandorum, gosh that was a weird film, I mean it reminded me a bit of Dead Space the game lol, but it had me and William a bit confused as to how the strange creatures came to be who they were, so it left me a little unsatisfied. We also seen Terminator Salvation, I seen that last year before I came to Massachusetts, it’s a really good film, I’m always a big fan of Terminator films. Anyway I have somethings I need to do, and I don’t feel much like writing anymore, I still feel a bit tired from this weekend lol, anyway have a lovely day and week all.

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