Feels Like A Sauna

Omgosh seriously it’s brutal out there today. I knew it would be. It’s not so much ‘hot’ it’s bloody humid like gosh I remember one day last year, was just like this. It felt like you cannot breath. That’s scary, seriously scary! Anyway I am dealing with it as best I can, this room has no a/c, the other room does. I have that running so that I get a bit of relief. A standing fan would do just the trick, pull some of that cool air into this room. I have the window open but that really don’t help much, maybe an occasional burst of air comes through the window, hot air lol. Who wants that? I attempted to write my blog like 3 times lol. And each time damn interruptions.

Anyway, my friend Alice is here from England, I’m happy to see here, she was here a few days, right now she is off in Manhattan, NY going to see a few friends, than she’ll be back here for a day, and than off she goes again to go see a cousin up in Newport, RI, and then lol on the 6th she will be off to Minneapolis, so wow, lots of travelling for her. She’ll be out there for about a month. I think she mentioned coming back my way on the way back to England, so we shall see how it goes. She is so sweet, she bought the house a nice lamp, isn’t that just too sweet?

Speaking of shopping, we seriously need to get a standing fan thingy lol, because it’s going to be so useful to pull some of that cool air from the other room, into this room. Ahhh I can just feel the cool air hit my shoulders, bliss! Earlier today, I watched the last 4 episodes of Vampire Diaries, okay I am hooked on that now. I really do enjoy it. And plan on watching come August. Until then, I have 3 episodes of True Blood to catch up with, so that will give me something to do.

I can’t believe its 5pm already. It’s going to be a quick night tonight. Something easy for dinner. I’m thinking maybe chili dogs, mmm sounds nice, or maybe good ole regular hot dogs with ketchup, mustard, relish, yum!!! Anyway we will see. We will definitely be watching some more of 24, omgosh last nights episode, David Palmer was killed, omg that sucked badly I really like him for the president, oh yeah and Michelle, nooo not Michelle was killed in a car explosion omg poor Tony (her husband), he was there when it happened. I don’t like whats his face, Logan lol. I so don’t like him! Anyway I think I better go, I need to relist a few items. Have a fab night!

Many Changes Going On

There really are changes going on all around us. This past weekend is a perfect example. It was hot and humid and just plain gross haha. I liked the heat, but despised the humidity, thank goodness for air conditioning hehe. I can’t help but complain enough about the humidity. Anyway and look at today, a beautiful day, weather is perfect, i cannot complain, and i don’t need the air conditioning on either. This weather would of been nice over the weekend. Speaking of the weekend, some years ago, I injured my knee, and on occasion I’ll re-injure it. Well it happened again on Saturday evening, sitting on the couch, I must of moved my knee to quickly in an awkward position or something, and there it goes. The knee starts to hurt and swell up some. I thought oh my gravy just perfect! …… NOT! So I was just careful where I walked, how much pressure I put on the knee and so forth, it was not a picnic going up stairs either, but I made my way slowly. Sunday we did some shopping for some household items we needed, and walking around with my knee like that, made it a little worse, but I was glad it didn’t make me stay home on the couch, because that is boring, and no fun at all! There has been loads of changes to our living situation as well, all for the better. I helped pick out a beautiful new bed set for the master bedroom, it’s perfect. I have been looking for a dresser for myself, I prefer the type that is vertically tall opposed to horizontally wide, I feel there is more space going upward than there is sideways, if you get my meaning. I seen one on Sunday, I would like, but we’re going to see if we can find something better priced.

So last few days we have been watching or that is catching up on 24, we decided to start watching from the beginning of the series, we are on season 3, and oh my gravy, Jack Bauer gets into a lot of crap lol. I miss LOST and 24 already, but hey all good things come to an end eventually. Well for my sake I hope not all good things. I look forward to watching V when the season starts, ohhhhh and speaking of season omgosh, True Blood is due to start this month omg omg I can’t wait! And Eclipse is coming out this month too omgoshh I can’t wait. I can’t believe it’s going to be book 3 already, I am positive the 4th book is in production. What are we going to do when that is over? Aww how sad is that. Tonight we are having Steak for dinner, and watching Wolfman, woohoo, can’t wait! Oh yes I wanted to wish my niece Jennifer a very happy birthday :rose: , I missed it by a few days, but I have a reason for that lol. Anyway Happy Birthday sweety :cake: I will leave you with that trailer of Wolfman! Have a good week!