Interruptions, WTF?

Ok I don’t mind helping people but gosh some people yap and yap for ever. Lol. I can’t work on my stuff that I want to work on. I guess I should just log off of any messenger service, that will keep them at bay lol. You would think they would take a hint when I’m barely saying anything. I guess some people just want to talk. Like I said I don’t mind, but when I’m trying to accomplish stuff, I’d rather not. I know some of you think, well don’t get on messenger. If I don’t how am I suppose to talk to my love hehe.

Well last night was the season finale of True Blood, I of course didn’t watch it, I am downloading it and it’s almost done yay! I don’t have HBO yeah I suck oh well, that’s life. I can’t wait though, it’s gotten so intense.

I don’t want Eric to die!!!

Ok so I had massive amount of dishes to wash, only reason is because yesterday I didn’t go down soon enough, and William was cooking, so he washed them, but some of them weren’t washed right, lol typical guy anyway so I had to re-wash his dishes, bless him for even doing it.

He should of called me downstairs and told my lazy arse to go and do them lmao :silly:

I recently got some body mist from one brand, and then got the same scent from another brand, so why am I a fool into thinking they both will smell the same :footmouth: I feel stupid. and what a waste of money lol.

Oh we watched Splice and The Lovely Bones, I thought Splice was great, but you can tell it’s left it open for a sequel. Would be interesting to see what happens in that one. As for The Lovely Bones, it was a sad story sure, but there was this bit where she was like in fantasy world, which really just dragged on. Other than that I liked it. Last night we watched X-Files, it got to late to watch Defiance. I think I seen that film, and it’s a really long film, like 2 1/2 hours yikes!

So even though I seen it, I didn’t care for it much, but I’ll still watch it because William wants to watch it. So that’s the plan tonight.

I was just thinking of my friend Steve, he’s been on holiday with his wife, and last I hear he was in San Francisco, awesome hey? Well I just hope he is have a lot of fun, and I hope to see photos and hear all about it. This time it was only him and his wife, his two kids didn’t go. They had plans of their own. Well they are over 18 so they are big enough kids to do their own thing.

Anyway I have somethings I need to do before William gets home, like eBay stuff lol. That I haven’t had a chance to do today, because of interruptions hahaha. Okay well have a great week everyone.

Summer Is Ending

Happy September everyone! And what does that mean? Yup, summer is ending, gosh it’s true, summer is almost over, and I am very relieved hehe. Because all I did all summer is complain about the humidity, and well that’s too bad it’s just going to happen. Anyway so I have been busy with my eBay thing. And all during that, I had recently not been feeling very good. Just one day I woke up and my lower back started to hurt me. I think I seen it coming on. I would wake up and my back would be a bit stiff, I didn’t quite understand why. Then suddenly the back pain hit OMGGGG, this had gone on for like almost 2 weeks, oh pain. If I sat for a long period of time, I would be stiff as a board, getting up in the morning was painful. William was an angel with me and was very supportive, rubbed icey hot on my lower back. I mean gosh isn’t he just the coolest ever? Yeah i’m pretty lucky to have such a sweet and helpful guy like William around. Funny I was just going to message him, just to see how he’s doing and his message box pops up hehe. We were thinking of each other at the exact moment, I love when that happens. He’s on his way home, he sounded tired, poor baby. So anyway, yeah the back thing. Ok so I am happy that I’m recovering, again I don’t know why it happened, I looked up some stuff before in one of my past 2 blogs I think I wrote about it. Anyway I’m happy. I still have a slight achyness on my right rear side lol. OH gosh and then like half a week after that, I rush myself trying to climb on the bed to get something across the other side, and I strain my knee, UGH!!!! Like if I didn’t already have enough pains and aches, I’m a mess!!! Well I’m healing nicely, and I’ll just have to be more careful.

I am such a pink fanatic seriously, it’s like everything I want in pink. William found me some duct tape in pink, I should of asked him to get me it lol. Anyway William will be home soon, we are having chicken tonight, wooho. Oh just wanted to say Steve I hope you had a good flight, and hope you enjoy your vacation with your wife in the west coast, say hi to my sister for me while you are in the area hehe. Ok I should go now. Have a great rest of the week.