Mellow Weekend

I had a very mellow weekend. We didn’t do much until Sunday afternoon, we went out shopping a bit. Needed a few things, so why not.

I totally forgot to take these lights we needed to exchange I was standing in the kitchen thinking, hmm what did I forget? I just felt like I forgot something, and couldn’t think of what it was. So I assumed I didn’t forget anything, and just left, until we walked out of the shop and I said “the lights!!!” ahhh I forgot them :-| then William says ‘It’s okay’ well thanks William, at least he didn’t get mad because I forgot. Not that he gets mad because I forget or anything. My ex use to get mad at me for every little thing, I suppose that’s why I felt that he would get mad because I forgot lol.

I’m silly I know.

So I have been doing this eBay thing like crazy, and I know I have been neglecting my websites, I already updated Screenshot Exchange, so that’s all fixed. I do plan on making a new layout for it, I also am going to change the layout on my plug site go and plug your site if you want, get some extra traffic coming your way

So the Patriots are playing today, they won last week yay! and they are going to win this week as well, Gooooo Patriots!!!! We listened to the Red Sox game earlier as we drove around, we didn’t hear it all, but they shut out the blue jays, goooo red sox!!!

Well I have some stuff to do here, eBay stuff and other little things, I know I won’t get most of it done, as I’m watching the Patriots play off and on hehe. Gooo Patriots :timeout: