Utterly Happy

I can’t complain, well actually I can, and I usually do, because this is the place to do it :laugh: but I’ll spare the visitors the crappy part of life.

I’m happy, my eBay stuff is taking off great, I know eventually I’ll run out of things to sell, but I’ll search high and low for more bargains, at the moment I am selling my stuff and friends stuff, there are some things we bought as well to add to the mix, and it’s all going really well. I’m really happy about all that.

I was able to sell the mannequin I accidentally broke, really the only part that broke which is one of the important ones :shutmouth: is the hanging bit at the top. It was the hanging type of mannequin, just the from the neck to the hips. Yeah I was so mad because I couldn’t hang it anymore to take pictures, so I had to sit it against the wall on something, so annoying.

Anyway, so that is sold, and I got my new mannequin, this one stands up. I’m so happy about it. I was talking to a friend, and she told me she was getting one, but for dress making, and I thought ‘hey great idea’ so I search around the internet and found a place with a reasonable price. Other places were like from $50-$75 more than what I paid, so I was really happy about it.

William has been playing the ps3 a lot and he told me yesterday that it was heating up, that concerns me because the ps3 is something that is used a lot here. I would hate to see it break down after only a year of usage, anyway he told me there is this cooling thing especially for it so I think I’ll look around and see if I can find that see how much it is. Oh yeah we also had looked into the Sony Move, yeah it’s a lot like the Wii controllers, it would be really cool to use that when playing games. Sure we have GuitarHero, but it would be fun to do some sport games too :cute:

Hmm just now my right temple is hurting, like a little headache, it lasts a little while and goes away, but then returns, it’s freaking annoying. I think I need new glasses, I still haven’t got the, I have an appointment next month, so I hope to be able to get glasses than, I think that might be why I am getting little headaches here and there. I hope to have the same style frames, I am going to see if I can just get the lenses replaced and keep my frames, but I was thinking of getting a pair of black frames or really dark brown. Currently mine are a lighter brownish red, anyway we’ll see.

Oh yeah I wanted to say, Fringe and Dexter will be starting up soon, I think Fringe is tonight and Dexter premiers on Sunday, wooo I’m so excited, I love these :tv: shows! It was funny, I was looking at a trailer on my mobile phone, and then the Dexter trailer came on, and I kind of yelled enthusiastically but not to the point of blowing his eardrums out, but I did get all excited, and William says, ‘you always screech when you get excited about a TV show’ haha he is so right!

I was returning comments from my other website before starting this post, I was at Mahala’s website, and I jumped on to another website from there, I turned up at lucasej.com, and from that website I watched this PSA and wow it’s pretty powerful. I mean I literally got tears in my eyes. I am so quick to imagine something like that happening to me or someone I love. Anyway this is a short post, so I wanted to leave you with the video. Please wear your seat belts. Ok I better go, I have a lot of fanlistings to update.