Super Pooped

Omg we went on a shopping trip to Target, yes I love shopping there, always get great deals, saved like $40, which is fantastic, if you use a combination of coupons, Target and Manufacturer, no we are not extreme shoppers, but we will save where we can, and I try to almost always use coupons when I go shopping, for everything even clothing, heck I even got a coupon for $2 off a pair of jeans for Women or Men, that’s pretty cool! And to top that off, find things on sale or clearance, woohoo go us!! We also popped into Walgreens and CVS for a few little items, but the biggest shop was Target, I am so pooped!

Oh I am so happy, my collective has finally been moved yay. I don’t have a layout put up yet, but I will try to be working on that ASAP, as I want to move the rest of my listing, I had only done my fan listing, but now I have name listings, number listings, cliques, screenshot, possibly even put up a portal again but maybe not lol, I change my mind so quick hehe. Anyway point is I still have things that need I need to finish, and then it will be open completely. I think I’m going to ‘try’ to create my own layout, although it’s been so long, I hope I can come up with something decent, with not having all the time in the world for that kind of stuff now, I hope to throw something together. I’ve applied for like 2 additional fan listings, one is for the Boston Bruins, if you follow my blog, you know we are big Bruins fans! The other is for the city of Boston, Massachusetts, yay, and I have recently adopted Plain White T’s fan listing, so I’m excited about that too, it’s a great band!

I know I have neglected, but honestly I think I am going to start fresh with that, install a better script and just start from the beginning, yes that means clearing out all the people that are listed, more than 80% is probably dead anyway hehe. So clean up would be good. As for, I think I am going to close that, I don’t have the time for it, or the money to be putting into hosting that website, *thinks for a minute* I have to check how much my hosting is because I don’t remember lol.

Ok I am really pooped now, I am going to watch a film, and just relax the rest of the evening. Hope you all are having a great weekend, and stay cool, as tomorrow it’s going to be a humid one, from what the weather channel says!

Sick People Out There

Today I was basically very lazy lol. Usually I’m up doing things, but today, I was up early but after William left for work, I didn’t feel like getting on the laptop, so I surfed Netflix to watch something. I came across this film called Snuff: A Documentary about killing on camera. What is snuff, exactly what that title says, some sick people out there, that film real life people being killed, and send out the films for profit. I don’t know why I watched it, it wasn’t a snuff film, but a documentary. I believe there are sick people out there that really do that kind of stuff. I really really hope I am wrong. I’m not giving you a trailer for that, if you are interested you can click the link. I am though going to put a video for the new A-Team film coming out soon, the trailer seems to be pretty good, I hope you enjoy it.

So it’s the weekend, I don’t have much plans. Oh yeah I forgot to mention, William bought Guitar Hero, woohoo. I have played Rock Band before and it is oodles of fun!! So I imagine this will be just as fun. Although there is only myself and William hehe, but hey 2 is better than doing it alone I say. I can laugh my ass off at him hehe, and vice versa. Anyway I think it will be hours of enjoyment. Soon as it’s all set up, I’ll take a picture of the guitar. William has a guitar, en electric one. He’s wanting to sell. Well I need to put on ebay, but honestly I’m considering buying it from him A long time ago, I had a guitar, an acoustic one, but I think I was going through a phase and didn’t follow through with it, which now I kick myself in the bum for not going through with it, well learning to play it. In high school, I played a little piano, that is something I would love love love to take up again and learn to play well, right up there with learning French fluently. We’ll see what happens.

I recently renewed my registrar for List-Me.Com and PixelFx.Org, thank you William, I appreciate you helping me out like you did. I didn’t want to lose them. The hosting for one of them was also renewed, it was an accident actually, I won’t get into but hey what’s done is done. When I say accident, don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I wasn’t going to renew, I just forgot about it, and it did it automatically. Anyway those are sorted, hosting for List-Me.Com will be due in March to be exact. This domain isn’t due until May or March hehe I don’t recall, but I’ll be notified when I they are. Ok well my weekend is about to start, going to play some Guitar Hero, have a lovely weekend everyone~!