Updates Time

Yeah it’s that time again, when I need to go through all my listings and update them so I don’t get put on troubles, ahh so many. Oh I have someone that is going to adopt one of my fanlistings, hah finally I got around to doing that lol. I need to send her the information so she can get her fanlisting up, and I don’t have to worry about that one any more. If anyone is interested in any of my fanlisting, hatelistings, namelisting, numberlistings, then browse my site and submit to the keep in mind list. I’m looking for reliable, and responsible adoptees, you got to love the subject or don’t bother basically. Hosting is open as well. I just recently closed two hostees sites that were inactive, actually one was inactive the other just never opened up her site, because she has some personal stuff to take care of which I can totally understand.

Apart from that, nothing else new on this domain. I am catching up with my web directory list-me.com not sure when I’ll put up a new layout there, I think for the time being it’s fine. I am still considering getting another personal domain, my current one will expire in May, so I guess I better think quick huh? lol. Not saying what I may change it to, when and if that happens I will post about it, maybe lol. Ok well I think that is it for now. Have a great weekend everyone and if I don’t post again, Happy Valentine’s Day!

New Layout!

Wow finally after how many years hah im kidding, but it has been a good long wait. So enjoy this one cos it will be around for a while lol. That’s if I find time to make another later when I am finally disgusted by this one lmao. I think it’s cute and as you can see I took back my original name kiss me so I’m happy about that. There may be some errors around the site but I’ll fix them as I come upon them, I also need to make some new buttons so right after this post I’ll do that then look around for errors ,and yay visitors can leave comments now woohoo

I almost lost like 8 of my fanlistings whilst I was gone, soon as I read the emails I replied to them that the problems were fixed, so I think I am okay now. I need to seriously think of the fanlistings I would like to let go, and just let them go you know? I guess I keep them for sentimental reasons, but I should really let them go. Ok well I best get on to do with what I need to do. I need to also check to see if my hostees are actually still here lol. Ok see ya!