No More Flash Forward?

Today it’s cloudy and cold, it’s funny how the weather changes from one extreme to the other overnight. It’s a nice break from hot weather though. Next couple of days should be sunny and warm. I am not quite ready for the hot and humid weather to come along. I am a bit bummed out about the Boston Bruins, they almost made it to the play offs! I’m proud of them to have made it as far as they did, Go Bruins. The Red Sox aren’t doing so great either, but despite that, I am still a big supporter, Go Red Sox! Sunday was Wolverhampton Wolves last game, they made premiership about 3 games ago, so I’m happy for them, Go Wolves!! England became world champions in cricket as well. Congrats to them!

One of my friends from Facebook commented that Flash Forward won’t be aired anymore, so of course I wanted to do a little digging on that, as I really like that TV show, although, I suppose if you think about it, the story can end pretty quick. I found out the the ratings have been steadily dropping, and that in fact Flash Forward was cancelled by ABC, this sucks!!!! I am bummed, now I am going to tell William, he’s going to hate hearing this too lol, anyway the article is here if you want to read it. As for V well they are getting a season 2 which is great, because it can be a good TV show. Here is a complete list of all the shows that are getting cancelled and renewed for another season, some shocking shows are on the list, check them out. There was a TV show we started to watch ‘Happy Town’ only aired 2 episodes and it’s been cancelled although they said they will still air the other 5, they just haven’t put it down on schedule yet and I already knew about 24, they have had a nice long series, which I’m catching up with. Anyway, I need to get some stuff done, so I will close here. Have a fab day!

Just Out Of It

Today I find myself just staring out the window, rather than getting busy doing my eBay thing. In about 2 hours we (William and myself) are going to his sisters house. As William made a date to babysit their 3 kids, adorable kids at that. Anyway, I’m sure by the time we get home, the will be shattered, those kids take a lot out of him. Mostly the oldest RJ gosh he hangs all over William like a cute little monkey. William misses his niece and nephews, so that is a perfect time to have some time with them, and it gives Jaime and Rob a chance to do stuff alone as a couple. William is very sweet like that. I won’t be taking my laptop with me because there is usually distractions, and if I was on my laptop, it may attract the kids attention and I don’t want any accidents to occur. I was considering a book, but again distractions, kids playing, screaming, TV on. I cannot read with distractions lol. So I guess I’ll just sit there, and watch them play. It’s not as boring as it sounds. The kids actually do make me laugh, and I take advantage of the time to photograph them, since I know William loves the kids, and loves to see photos of them interacting, and I like it too. It reminds me a lot of when my niece and nephews were that age, and how much I played with them, I was constantly taking photos of them as well, hey somethings just don’t change hehe.

Lately I haven’t felt much like blogging, I don’t know why. I guess we all get into a funk. I don’t know where mine came from. Last night I was in another funk as well lol. I had some nice wine, maybe a little bit more than I should have had, but it was nice. We watched some recorded programs; Flash Forward, Fringe, V! I love these shows, it’s sad that 2 great shows will be ending too. 24 and LOST. I have already watched LOST from the beginning, due to my moving around, I stopped, so when I finally landed here in Mass, I thought this is a great time to watch it all the way through, so I did. Now since 24 is ending as well, I believe this is its last season, I am going to begin with season 1. I am pretty excited as I find that show to be so incredibly cool! Pretty fast paced as the episode all takes place in one hour, pretty awesome I think. Anyway, I must finish getting ready, as we are going to leave in less than an hour. Have a lovely weekend everyone.