No More Flash Forward?

Today it’s cloudy and cold, it’s funny how the weather changes from one extreme to the other overnight. It’s a nice break from hot weather though. Next couple of days should be sunny and warm. I am not quite ready for the hot and humid weather to come along. I am a bit bummed out about the Boston Bruins, they almost made it to the play offs! I’m proud of them to have made it as far as they did, Go Bruins. The Red Sox aren’t doing so great either, but despite that, I am still a big supporter, Go Red Sox! Sunday was Wolverhampton Wolves last game, they made premiership about 3 games ago, so I’m happy for them, Go Wolves!! England became world champions in cricket as well. Congrats to them!

One of my friends from Facebook commented that Flash Forward won’t be aired anymore, so of course I wanted to do a little digging on that, as I really like that TV show, although, I suppose if you think about it, the story can end pretty quick. I found out the the ratings have been steadily dropping, and that in fact Flash Forward was cancelled by ABC, this sucks!!!! I am bummed, now I am going to tell William, he’s going to hate hearing this too lol, anyway the article is here if you want to read it. As for V well they are getting a season 2 which is great, because it can be a good TV show. Here is a complete list of all the shows that are getting cancelled and renewed for another season, some shocking shows are on the list, check them out. There was a TV show we started to watch ‘Happy Town’ only aired 2 episodes and it’s been cancelled although they said they will still air the other 5, they just haven’t put it down on schedule yet and I already knew about 24, they have had a nice long series, which I’m catching up with. Anyway, I need to get some stuff done, so I will close here. Have a fab day!


When I look out the window it looks like it can be spring, but if you step out you can feel the cold chill in the air, and the lawns with snow still on them, and then you remember, ‘hey it’s still winter’! I think we are like half way through winter. I’m actually hoping for another blizzard is that so wrong of me? lol. I took about an hour off from writing this blog, I was looking for a food steamer, similar to one I used when I was in England, and OMGOSH it’s hard to find here in the states. I found electric ones, and the stainless steel or aluminum ones were expensive, well actually the stainless steel ones are, I won’t even talk about the shipping. And on ebay the shipping is higher than on Amazon. So I found a nice aluminum one on Amazon and got that, makes steaming vegetables much easier. I’ll post a picture of it.

Last weekend I was bummed out the Patriots were knocked out of the playoffs, bummer, so were the Steelers, and the 49ers! So the next team I would support would be the San Diego Chargers! A California team. Boston Bruins lost against the Anaheim Ducks on Wednesday, then they played against San Jose chargers on Thursday and won 2-1, yay for them. They are playing today against the Lost Angeles Kings. Go Bruins!!!! I’m not feeling my best today, so I am going to go. Have a great weekend everyone.