Stuck In The Groove

Or something lol. I have this stupid song stuck in my head, and I can’t get it out. I watched a film, an old British films a few months ago, and this young boy, in the film, was singing with his sister some song, it went something like “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood” and now it’s stuck, hence stuck in the groove, so groove would be like the scratch on a record hehe. So this guy from Little Britain and Come Fly With Me, what’s his name? Oh yeah David Williams, well there was an episode on Little Britain, when he sang it, and he sounded EXACTLY like that boy. So now some how it’s made its way to the surface of my brain and it’s nagging at me, so I need to find something that I actually like to replace it

Anyway, so I think I’m going to buckle down and get on with my eBay stuff because honestly I’ve slacked. Tonight I took some photos, so thats a start, and I already have photos of other things. I’m going to try to sell this right now, because it’s an ideal time as this is what people or should I say ladies are wearing. Among the other things, I get so many distractions and really it’s my own fault, I need to know when to say stop lol.

When I was in England, I left a large collection of films. There was a problem with them being sent to me, in the end, they were given away so I lost my whole collection, and I had a lot, even sequels and series. Anyway so I just got one of my first films, from what I lost, not the one I had, I got another from eBay at a good price. So I’m really glad about that. I even have a fanlisting for the film High Tension, join if you like scary, thriller type films, trust me a lot of gore in this one I provided the link to the fanlisting.

Speaking of fanlisting, I still have not got around to adopting out my fanlistings, not all but still there are some I really need to give out. Gosh I just never have the time I need to do all the things I want. Even with my other websites. I’m afraid some of them may close next year if I don’t get help with them. Ahh well that is how life is, nothing lasts forever. With that note, I think I will go and accompany my lovely boyfriend, William, for the rest of the evening. Have a great week everyone.

Drawing Blanks

That’s how I feel today. I feel like I’m numb. I came back and forth to the laptop today, but stared at the empty ‘add new post’ page, and thought “I don’t know what to write about” is it a writers block? Perhaps, I actually was going to do a PPP but it expired, I should of done it yesterday, foolish me *sigh* I know there will be more to come along. Well today is the beginning of hell week for me lol, well maybe not a whole week more like a handful of days. It’s still hell! It’s the monthly monster again. Wish it would just go away. Do you ever type, and as you type you feel like your talking, and you wished that when people read it, that they would read it in the way you hear it in your head? Happens to me every time I write a post. Sometimes I ask William to read the post to me, just to see how it sounds when he reads it. There are a few times, he wouldn’t pause where he should. So I ask myself, was it my writing that made him do that, or was it him just not pausing when he is suppose to? I guess it could be both. One of the things I hate about “this time of the month” is my mood. Yesterday I was ok, maybe a little snappy, *sorry William* and today I just feel down, sad, out of it, kinda floating. I hate this. So I’m debating whether to take my laptop upstairs and just be alone, so I don’t snap or anything at William?!

Last night I was talking to my lovely *gorgeous* British friend Steve, (if he was only single) shhh don’t tell anyone I said that hehe, I’m kidding anyway, we were talking because he had an overnight at his job, where he spends the night in an apartment. During his shift, he messaged me and told me he had fainted, omgosh I got so scared for him, straight away I asked him “did you eat” because I know I get headaches when I don’t eat, and sometimes light headed, it’s not a fun feeling. So I asked him if he was ok, and if he’s sure. And the nurse had suggested he go home, but he really wanted to do his job. Which I admire him for that greatly, but I also said maybe it would be for the best. He has to be ready at work at any time of the night if he is needed, but someone else at his job said he’d keep an eye out as well. So I briefly spoke to him earlier and he said he was feeling better which I’m really glad to hear. I didn’t speak much to him, he’s had meetings all day. It’s kind of scary to know someone so far away, and when they get ill you wonder how you would find out if they are ok? All I hope is for him to be healthy and that he eat when he’s suppose to hehe. Wow I really ranted about that lol.

As you know, or maybe you don’t. I am a big Twilight Saga fan, yes indeed I am. And with the new trailer out, wow!! I am soo really excited about Eclipse coming out. There are 106 days (June 30th 2010) left until the film is out at the cinema and yes I am going to see it. Maybe not the first week, but definitely by the second. And New Moon is going to be added to my DVD collection, because what kind of a fan would I be if I didn’t add it hey? I have to say I am not pleased that they used Bryce Dallas Howard as the new Victoria, grr how can they do that? I believe the film will still be an amazing story to see come alive (to the Twilight Saga fans), but it changes a feeling for me personally when changing the actress *sigh* anyway so even if you are not a fan of Twilight Saga, I am leaving you all with the Eclipse trailer, enjoy! Oh and before I go I wanted to wish Jaime a very Happy Birthday :cake: have a couple of and have a fantastic day!!