Mid Winter

We are half way through winter, and we have had only one big snow fall. I loved it, I know that those that live here, are happy when there isn’t much snow fall, but for me it’s so much fun to see and experience that it would be awesome if it would fall again. I’m not sure how many snow falls I’m going to experience, but I try to enjoy it to the fullest. Coming from California, we didn’t see much snow, unless you actually went up to Big Bear. Well now I am on the opposite side of the USA, and I am really enjoying the weather, sure it’s cold but a sweater, or a nice warm blanket can take care of that. The roughest time for me here is during summer, I came here in July of last year, and oh my goodness, the humidity was horrible, I could seriously live without that. I just absolutely hate how it feels. I remember one day I walked outside, and the air was so thick I felt I couldn’t breathe, it was a horrible feeling. But those that live here are very use to that, I wasn’t. I have to take the good with the bad, and I do.

Last night we watched the TV show 24, with Kiefer Sutherland, it’s a really good show. I wish I would of started to watch from the beginning, it’s in it’s 8 season, I think it’s a bit much to try to catch up with lol. So I just watch from here on in. I’ve been waiting for V to return to TV, well it’ll be back March 24, woohoo! OH yeah and Flash Forward also returns in March, March 18th to be exact, so I’m really excited about seeing how the stories continue.

Oh I finally got the food steamer, it’s great, we haven’t got a chance to use it yet, but it’s perfect! Ok well I should go, I need to upgrade my enthu script as I have put it off long enough, and then I need to work on List-Me.Com, I’ve neglected it a bit, but now I have the time to work on it. Have a lovely day everyone. I’m leaving you with a song I really like, Owl Cities – Fireflies!

Days Melt Into Each Other

That’s what it seems like, the days just melting into each other. I do like how the weather is warming up though. We’ve had some really beautiful sunny days. I have some pictures I want to share of what I took. The only snow day we had here haha. I was still excited about it, and went out into it. Being from California, we don’t get snow like that, unless you are up in Big Bear, and sometimes the High Desert, funny to say it snows in the Desert huh? Lol. But yeah I remember one time while there it snowed and I woke up late at night and I had my niece and nephews visiting for the weekend, and I just had to wake them up to see the snow. Later that day I bundled them up lol, and took them out to play. They loved it, shame I didn’t have a camera back then to take pictures of them. But it was such a treat to just see them having fun. Last night I started to watch a film called Paris Je’taime, from what I seen it was so far about a few love encounters sort of, it was nice to look at because since being a little girl I’ve wanted to go to Paris, and that movie was made in Paris so that was a nice treat, but I got too tired and decided to turn it off before it finished, it had about 30 mins left but I just couldn’t stay awake. But I left the blog for awhile and I went back to finish the movie just now, and I paused it because I just wanted to write and say that the movie well it is interesting, several relationships or encounters come up and some are like relationships saved and others are just like passing things. Some sad moments in them and some really happy ones. Oscar Wilde’s grave is shown, I’ve always wanted to visit that, more so because my ex introduced me to Oscar Wilde. She introduced me to a lot of things I didn’t know about. Anyway I guess I’ll pause again and finish the movie and then return to finish my blog lol. Ahh that was a good movie, it was bout 2 hours long, but really worth it, it was subtitled because most of it was in French, but I loved seeing it. I can’t wait till the day that I can visit Paris myself. Heck maybe one day live there

Here is a picture I wanted to post, this is from the Balcony, I’ve posted pictures before in the summer but this was like last month the ONLY day we had snow haha. I loved it!!!

It’s so amazingly beautiful. I was telling my friend Chris on MSN, that I get all giddy about this because I don’t get to see snow live as much as other do so its pretty exciting lol. I fee like a kid all excited omg even talking about it excites me lmao . So thats my picture of the moment I guess. well not much else left to talk about, although I can probably come up with a million things but then this blog will become to long and people won’t read it lol. Anyway it’s Friday and well hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, hopefully the weather is gorgeous and what not. Have a good one everyone.