Where Is Summer?

This year, summer has been really goofy, the weather constantly changing. We seem to be getting a lot of tropical storms here, one day its gorgeously beautiful, the next its humid and icky, and then its raining, and cool. What a combination. I’m okay but gosh I would really love to see some normal summer weather (minus the humidity) lol.

So we had this great weekend planned, but there was somethings that came up that were well priority really, so that had to be cancelled, funny enough it rains today. But it was going to be a Friday – Saturday thing, I’m not going to say what, but I know it was going to be so much fun. But you know I love my William so much, and am 100% supportive of his work, that I know these things will come up. He spent most of Saturday gone taking care of some business, I stayed home and did my thing. He was so disappointed we didn’t get to do what he had planned out. But you know there will be many opportunities to do them. The way I see it, we have the rest of our lives, unless he hasn’t told me anything lol.

Oh we finally got a chance to finally start watching Breaking Bad, that seems like a pretty cool show. It just started its 4th season, so we don’t that much to catch up on. We also started watching Alphas, it reminds me a lot of Heroes, but I still enjoy watching Alphas. I’ve been doing my own catch up of things. I DVR most of them, because William isn’t really interested much in what I watch, which is 100% okay with me, no one said we ‘have’ to like the same things, that is what makes us individuals

I took a break to write a blog, and also blog about another product but that will be the post after this one, so you don’t get stuck reading my other non related to my real life stuff lol. Then I need to get back to finishing up the Plain White T’s fan listing, I should of done during the week, but I was doing other things. Most of my fan listing have been approved for moving, so I’m really happy about that. Like I mentioned last time, I have other listings I need to attend to, but I don’t want to talk about that, because it’s only going to get me down that I’m running out of time on stuff.

I was just thinking about Jason Statham so I popped on over to GetGlue, and checked in, and decided to see his next film trailer ‘Killer Elite‘, wow what is it about that man that is so yummy, I mean I love that actor so much, he’s my favorite! You know what, I’m going to share this trailer with you, just because I like to share. I’ve got a nice collection of his films, so you know this one will be added to it.

I hope you can see that, otherwise I will need to go and fix it lol, since I am using managewp, and I don’t see plugins on here for youtube, but maybe later they will add that, it would be really cool if they did. Anyway I better get going. I need to check in on my sweet William, he has had a toothache this weekend, ugh that sucks so bad because I know how that feels his cheek is swollen, and looks cute actually, lol I shouldn’t laugh, but he looks like a chipmunk with his cheek full of food hehe. Na, my poor baby has to go to a funeral tonight and I know he is not feeling his best, my poor baby, I’d take on that toothache instead of him any day. Hmm what is good to help the swelling go down, beside swishing warm salt water in his mouth. Will have to see what kind of quick remedies I can find. Right okay need to go, enjoy the trailer!

Is It Really Over?

The end of the era for Harry Potter, wow I can’t believe it’s all over, it was pretty amazing to see the actors grow up on the screen though. All good things must come to and end eventually. I’ll be saying the same thing for Twilight as well. As there are only 2 parts left, ahh I love those films as well. But old things out, and new things in, there will be lots and lots of new things coming along. Will there be anything as amazing as those two films? Absolutely! It’s just a matter of time, and waiting for that wonderful inspiration to hit a writer, and begin it’s journey on a best seller!

So I seem to always speak of the weather, I guess because it’s such a big deal lol. Well for me anyway. It’s nice and cool right now, but I expect it will be hot and very humid the next few days. I have been putting off doing laundry, and I think I really need to suck it up and deal with the weather, and not let it keep me from doing what I need to do. Every day this week so far, has been humid and uncomfortable. But I guess the best time to go is at night, well at least to drop the things off there, and then go the following morning early as soon as they open, and while it is still cool outside. It seems to stay nice until about noonish. Yeah probably the best time to do it lol. Oh how I miss having a washer and dryer in the house, but it’s better than going to a laundromat and dealing with the people, they never are very nice. Gosh last time I did that I was a kid.

So in San Diego the Comic-con 2011 has started and I am so jealous, to think I was living in California 2 years ago, and could of gone. *sigh* Although, I wouldn’t trade it for the world, I mean it would be nice to go, but I am so very happy here with my William I’m hoping to see Comic-con come to Boston, I will definitely be going. Hmm need to check on that. So I’m a getgluer, yeah I visit the GetGlue.com website everyday, several times a day via my laptop, Mobile Phone, iPod or Tablet, I am very active there, along with the message board GetGlueStickers.com, I enjoy it very much. Some people may bitch and moan about, ‘what a waste of time it is’, it may be to them but do I care what they do with their time? NO, I don’t sorry to burst your bubble lol. Although my getglue account is connected to my Facebook and Twitter, so it’s published everywhere. And honestly if people don’t like that, they don’t need to be following me either. Anyway enough of that. I will be one of the first to buy tickets to Comic-con if they come to Boston!

Well I better be going. I have somethings to do, as usual. I need me some lunch, as I completely missed breakfast! Anyway have a great day everyone!