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Happy Valentine’s Day

Here we are another year with Valentine’s Day upon us, as quickly as it arrived, it will become the past. There are not a lot of fans of Valentine’s Day but I have to be quite honest, I have always been such a big fan of it, even when I was in bad relationships, or was just single. I couldn’t help but love he idea of Valentine’s Day, the one day that we make a big fuss about ‘Love’. I’m sure there are hundreds of people that say this day is overrated or over commericalised, but that may be so. I don’t really care, because the bottom line, what this day means to me is all that really matters. I love my boyfriend, and I show him that I love him, not only Valentine’s Day but every day that we are together. Ok so enough of that mushy lovey dovey stuff, I just wanted to get that out there.

So last night was the Grammy’s wow there were some pretty weird looking people, yes I’m talking about Lady Gaga and what’s her name with the leopard outfit. I can only imagine how Joan Rivers may rip that one apart, or than again maybe she won’t. Maybe she’ll say how brave she was and how tasteful the outfit was. Personally it isn’t something I would choose to wear, but everyone has their own flare, more power to them. I didn’t get to see Bieber perform, although that would of been interesting to see, as I have never seen him perform. I didn’t get to watch all of the show but it was pretty amazing from what I heard.

Lady Antebellum won 4 grammys wow!! I was also so very happy to hear Arcade Fire won best album of the year, they are an amazing band!! and why do people make such a big deal out of something so small like Christina Aguilera slipping on stage, OMG it’s a natural thing that can happy, I’m sure right away they are suspecting she’s drunk or on drugs. Dumb ass people!! She is an amazing artist with an amazing voice! I thought it was pretty funny Lady Gaga arriving in in egg, what does that really mean though? I’m confused lol. I don’t know why but she reminds me a lot of Madonna!

Okay well enough of all that, I hope everyone has a lovely Valentine’s Day. I love my boyfriend William so much, everyday is like Valentine’s Day with him, there is always so much love coming from him that I am overwhelmed, it’s not a bad thing, it’s a VERY good thing. I am so in love with this man! Have a great day and week everyone!

A Bit Of Snow

So last night we had a little bit of snow. I was hoping for more, but I guess a lot of people have gotten tired of all the snow, especially those in Boston that were bombarded with snow. Gosh I’m jealous We were in Boston earlier in the week, actually last week I like hehe. And I took a few shots of how it looked with the snow. Wow I was shocked, but loved looking at it sooo much!! I have some pictures to share with you, hope you like them. It’s amazing in Boston!

Ok I hope you can see them, otherwise I will be editing after I finish using managewp, so in these photos, you can see how much snow they got. We were driving up a street and some poor lady was outside digging up her car, because the next day we were suppose to be hit with more snow, but we didn’t get any, so I’m not sure if they did. But her care was very buried. Look at one of the photos, and the icicles next to the window, that is madness, it’s a first for me, so it was rather exciting

So V is on tonight, I really enjoy that show. I remember when the first version was out, I watched it them too, this is a much newer version more believable hehe, I can’t imagine that happening to us. I often ask myself, what is all these films and TV shows about aliens and all about, is it because someone knows something and they don’t want to tell us? I guess a lot of people wonder the same things. I love X-Files, it leaves so much to your imagination, I’ve also been watching Heroes, I wish they would to a finale on that, because they left it unfinished, come on NBC or is it CBS lol one of them, do them right. We aren’t done watching that series, but omg we are so hooked on it

Ok well it’s almost time for out evening time, and dinner, so I better get going. See ya!