Merry Christmas

We aren’t having a white Christmas this year, but that’s okay, because I know we will have plenty of snow coming in the next month or two. I am so ready for the snow though. There is a possible snow storm coming Monday, but from the looks of it, I doubt it because it’s clear out today.

Was a beautiful day. Had so much laundry to do, my gosh! What’s more is the dryers weren’t drying right, and had to do it twice, that pissed me off because I have a budget for laundry, so I am going to put in a formal complain on Monday lol, I am not a Grinch but damn. I have things to do, and that just pushed me behind with time.

I always forget how exhausting wrapping can be, but I still love doing it, because I try to imagine what the person thinks as soon as they open it. And just picking the wrapping paper, or Christmas bag. Gosh speaking of Christmas bags, they have become such a god send hahah, seriously it cuts down on a lot of wrapping lol.

Tonight we’re making a little Christmas video for my sister, as she did that for us earlier in the month, and thought this would be a nice little treat. I still have to post her Christmas gifts, but will do that next week. William has time off from work, so that will be fantastic!

I’m listening to this Christmas song on the radio, and it’s so funny, I’m going to find the video, because I want to see if they have a video that goes with it, it’s hilarious! Yay I found it! Ok enjoy and Merry Christmas everyone!!


  1. I hope that you had a lovely Christmas!!

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