Archives for June 11, 2010

Weekend Here & No Sun :(

Ok so where is the sun hiding this week? I am so use to California weather, I really thought that even if I am in the east coast that the sun would be on time. Gosh its June already, hurry up and come out. I love winter don’t get me wrong, but hey I like the summer too :sun: I hope it don’t rain this weekend. We had some rain during the week, so I would really welcome the sun right about now. So we finally watched Wolfman, you know I was hyped up to see this film, but it was just the typical werewolf film in my eyes, although I have to say I really did like the transformation to wolf, especially in front of all the people in the asylum, haha that was wicked cool. It was my favorite parts. It did have a sad ending, but I still enjoyed it. Tonight for entertainment, hehe, I think we will see perhaps an episode or two of 24, we have been going to town with that lol. There are a few films we have I would like to see, but we keep getting caught up with 24 ahhh it’s so addicting lol. But I would like to see The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, it looks like a really good film. Check out the trailer below.

That was pretty cool wasn’t it. Yeah apart from that, I have loads of laundry to do, ugh, the thought of lugging around loads of laundry, but hey got to have clean clothing. I hope it don’t rain, when it rains it seems to be colder when doing laundry. At least when it’s hot, I cool off when I touch the cold water. There is a little bit of sun I can see outside the window. Let’s hope we got a bit more to warm up the inside of the house.

I finally go a chance to update my movie ratings, I was so behind. You know, I don’t have as much time for online stuff like I use to. I am doing my best though. I mean with the added chore of eBaying lol. NO it’s not a chore, I really do like doing it. It’s going really well. I got a bit behind, but things are settling down, so I will be able to resume. All the computer area was moved around, so it’s all about settling everything in, and finding a place for everything. So with that, and my other websites, I’ve gotten behind. Ahh well it’s all in fun right? NO chores, or anything, it’s all got to be fun. I better close now, William will be home soon. I’m surprised he’s taken this long lol. Anyway have a lovely weekend everyone. Can’t forget to say Goooooooooo Celtics, and Go USA!!!!!!!!!!