Archives for May 14, 2010


Finally the weekend is here, no real big plans, but you never know what can come up. The weekend should bring some nice weather. The week has been cloudy mostly, so *fingers crossed* for some nice sunny weather. Maybe even get out and mow the lawn, it’s getting to be a jungle back there hehe. But want to make sure we don’t get drenched while trying to mow hehe. Who am I kidding? I’m not the one that would be mowing but I’m just saying.

Yesterday I missed the postman because my laptop is upstairs, it’s where I do my work. So naturally I didn’t hear him, he couldn’t really knock on the door either, as the screen door was locked, and the doorbell decided to take a shit hehe. So they left their little paper, saying they would re-deliver, which I am fine with that. But now that means I need to stay downstairs, so that I can answer the door. I know approximately the time they deliver, so meanwhile I use Williams desktop to write my post, as my mini is not the easiest thing to use to write up a blog post.

I’ve been talking to my friend Alice, and she will be visiting the US in June I believe, she plans on visiting NY and then Rhode Island, which is great because she will be very close and will get a chance to have a visit. It’s been almost 2 years since I seen her last, apart from doing the web cam thing So it’ll be nice to touch bases with her again in person. I won’t deny I have missed her, I just hope she don’t act like a poo head while visiting it’s just a shame that the timing isn’t the greatest, so the visit can’t be what I would of hoped it could be. But there is always next time. I hope everyone has a wicked weekend, ttfn~