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Happy Cinco de Mayo

Although I am not Mexican, I did grow up around the Mexican culture, it’s very similar to my Guatemalan culture. Growing up in California, I was exposed to this celebration yearly. I really enjoyed it, it had always been a very festive holiday. You would see colorful decorations all around, in school, shops, just about everywhere. There was music, dancing, costumes, parades, and a lot of tequila and beer hehe, the same in Los Angeles just on a much larger scale, specifically on Olvera Street in Los Angeles. Olvera Street get’s really packed on weekends if Cinco de Mayo falls on a weekend, during the week it’s a bit slower as any other major holiday. The food has always been so good. It’s one of my favorites! Cinco de Mayo is celebrated all over the United States, outside of the US apart from Mexico, I don’t know. I’ll leave you with a video, with some celebrating going on from a past Cinco de Mayo.

As for myself, the only celebrating I’ll be doing is at home. As it’s a weekday, and I don’t know anyone in Massachusetts apart from William and his family. So it’ll be us doing a little Cinco de Mayo celebrating here. Not much, but it’ll be fun. Mexican food and corona’s tonight woohoo!!! Anyway this is short and sweet, Happy Cinco de Mayo everyone, be safe and don’t drink/text and drive. I’ll leave you with another Cinco de Mayo video.