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Happy May!

Wow we are now into May, I am hoping for some really nice weather during May. The last few days have been warm which is really nice, but with that came some humidity which I’m not so crazy about! I have been so busy with my Ebay thing that I haven’t posted as often as I was before, so I apologise for that. I hope everyone is having some nice weather come their way as well.

I’m sure you all have heard the story about the Missing “Mom” (Tiffany Tehan) I don’t know if I would classify her as that anymore. When people thought she’d been abducted, and wasn’t, things sure did change around a bit. I watched the Today show this morning, and they interviewed the husband. He is very forgiving, I don’t think I would be. She just up and left, abandoned her baby (reminds me of something in my past) and just went with another guy. I mean what mother can do that, can she even be called a mother. You know, one day she is going to regret having done that. Fine, they don’t believe in divorce, but why, fake an abduction? Why not simply separate until they decide what they want to do. No she makes people grieve, and look for her under false pretense. I wonder if charges will be brought up against her for all that. We’ll see I suppose. I just read an article that states something about that, she has come to a “deal” with authorities, so she basically don’t do jail time, instead she and her new boyfriend are willing to pay thousands in restitution, I think she should do sometime. Probably won’t make much of a difference.

This past weekend we went to Rhode Island, to a flea market (why do they call it a flea market?), in California, they called it a Swap Meet, and some did call it a Flea Market. It was a small one but we picked up a few goodies. After that we went to a few other shops and picked up stuff here and there, mostly to sell on Ebay, apart from the items I have been posting since I first started, I still haven’t posted it all. I really am amazed at how much time it takes to create the listings. There are some people that don’t much care how their listings look, or what kind of information, or even if they add pictures. In the whole time I have been listing things, I have had like 2 questions. I am very thorough, well I’d like to think I am. I have a lot of fun at it too. I am considering actually opening a eBay store, but that is up in the air at the moment. Just thoughts and ideas being tossed around For the time being I’m happy with what I am doing, as it gives me experience.

I finally pulled out my flip flops, yeah it’s that warm, I believe I feel it more because of the humidity, but it’s nice to finally wear them again. Gosh I am looking at the things, I got this past weekend, and it’s quite a few items. I hope I can sell them all, I seen a few that I’d like for myself hehe but I am not going to be selfish like that and keep it, or am I? lol. Last night we watched The Amazing Race, and now they are down to the 3 final teams, I’d like the cowboys to win, they have been such good sports from the beginning, so there is 1 episode left, aww it’s gone so fast. Lost and 24 are pretty close to ending too, it’s getting really intense too. I’ll miss those shows, but since I never seen 24 from the beginning, that’ll be something I’ll be watching. I need to get back to working on my listing, have a lovely week everyone.