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Rain Is Back?

Yeah according to the news this morning, looks like we are going to have rain for the next few days. After that we’ll get some more sun. Yeah spring is here, so I don’t expect to see a lot of rain, just off and on. Rhode Island had some serious flooding, it affected us a little bit, that on one day the gas man had to turn off the gas to do some work up the road, which took about a day, and the following day we got our gas back. I was worried we would have it off for a good while, I’m glad it was turned back on the following day. So I have been away a lot. I have been steadily working on my eBay selling, I am considering opening an eBay store, just basic stuff, I get more options for selling things. I’m excited about that. I’m also doing a little side thing, retrieving hard drive data for those that don’t know how. I’m thrilled about that as well. We’ll see how that goes.

I think this weekend it will be spent working on my Ebay listing, I need to sell my things, well it would be nice We finally got Dexter season 4, I’m so happy about that, we had been waiting for so long, we watched like 4 episodes last night. Tonight we may do another 4, we are so into Dexter, I missed watching it! William had to work today that poor thing, so I think he’s going to unwind when he gets home and play some ps3, he hasn’t played since last week I think. I feel it helps him relieve some stress, he has a very stressful job.

I don’t feel much like writing much. I’m going to close here. Perhaps tomorrow or the next day I’ll feel like writing more. I do feel like reading though. So I may do that Have a wicked weekend!

Happy Birthday Jackie!

Well I have been gone a few days, sorry I meant to blog sooner. So today is my sister Jackie’s birthday. She is living in California, and I am missing her very much today. I sent her a birthday text early in the morning so hopefully mine was the first yay lol. So today, we watched part of the Bruins hockey game, it was great, they went into overtime and then shoot out, that was fantastic, in the end we had a victory yay. The Boston Red Sox play today as well, last I seen we are winning. Unfortunately it’s an away game, so I can’t hear it on the radio, and I don’t have a TV in the room I am in, and I like to keep the door closed. I would turn the TV on in the other room, so I can hear it, but I don’t know if that’s a good idea. I’ll pop over there, turn it on and see what the score is as of 4:41 pm. They are a the top of the 8th, Red Sox are winning 8 – 3 against the Kansas City Royals! Gooo Red Sox!

I have been doing pretty good on eBay I’m proud of that. I try to list something every day, but it does take a lot of time to get together the information you want, and photos and such. When another item didn’t sell, I need to go back in there and relist again. Eventually I feel all my items will sell I need to have a positive out look on something like that.

This weekend we seen a few films, let me see *thinks* oh yeah we seen Leatherheads, that was a silly film but I really enjoyed it. I’ve seen it before, but always liked it, so thought why not! Last night we seen Bad Lieutenant, omgosh that was just a weird film, seriously weird! They had a lot of great actors in it, Nicolas Cage, Eva Mendes, Val Kilmer, Fairuza Balk (always felt she had a creepy look) :silly: Ahh well it’s probably just me. Oh yeah the Red Sox won 8-6, that was a close game, but I’m glad my Red Sox won yippie! Ahh I think I’ll go now, I’m trying to list a few items. Hope you all had a great Sunday, have a wonderful week.