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Bleach Is Evil!

I do, I really do. I like snow more, it’s just so much prettier to look at than rain hehe. Oh I did such a stupid thing today. I was doing laundry and I wanted to put some bleach in the water, well I was opening a new container of bleach. I was using my right hand, as I’m right handed. Well I kind of injured that arm not too long ago, so it’s weaker and I couldn’t pull off that tab they have on it. So I used my other hand, I pulled, I believe the bottle was very full, and then as I’m pulling *splash* ahhh I splashed some bleach on my new Patriots t-shirt OMG I am sooo pissed off, at myself!! Grrr. I haven’t even had the t-shirt for a 2 months and look what I did. I started to cry like a baby lol. William was being a sweetheart and trying to cheer me up. Thank you William :hugleft: I hope to get another one, because I loved that shirt, it was a little big so at least I’ll be able to get a size smaller, not that it’ reason for having to be a klutz!

I’ve been doing a bit of research on sewing. I have somethings that I want to alter, and thought I would look around for places on the net, to show me the proper way of doing these things. I want to reduce the size of the rise on a pair of jeans, shorten a pair also that are too long, it’ll be fun I just don’t want to ruin the clothing, because then I’ll cry again! Omg I can’t believe I just went downstairs to take out the dried clothing, and put in the other load, turns out I forgot to start the dryer :-X probably due to the drama with the bleach from earlier. Well now the dryer is going, and it’ll be another hour before I can go down and get that, and put the next and final load in. Omgosh I left this blog for at least an hour, because I went to check and it’s not dry, so I put it for another hour, and I picked up a little something on the way back, the sleeve on my hoody rubbed against a part of the area where I splashed bleach, grr I am like beyond being mad, I am numb now :idk: Ok change of mood here, so we have been eying this film Clash of the Titans, it looks really good, I like those kind of films, well for the exception of this one ‘we’ thought would be good but turned out being more like a porn lmfao!!!! Figured that out after the first episode of a 3 episode series, actually I figured it out right away, but I thought ok maybe it’s a one time thing haha not even close, suffice to say we didn’t watch the rest of it. I got off track here, back to Clash of the Titans, I want to see it, it looks really awesome, so I am leaving you with the trailer, enjoy, if you are going to see it let me know, it comes out April 2, 2010!