Archives for March 10, 2010

Feels Like Yesterday

Goodness lol, it feels like I just blogged yesterday hehe. So what has happened since then. Well I finally got myself (William got it) a table to put my things on for ebay stuff, and the extra plus there is, I can use it for my brand new sewing machine, omgosh I love that machine. I grew up around sewing machines, I always wanted to use one, but they were the industrial type, the big expensive, like metal ones. When I was about 11-13 years old, my parents had their own shop, they made ladies clothing anyway I loved it because I had dibs on some of the things, but I also was around the machines, and I helped out some, so it was fun *sometimes* lol. Anyway since then I have wanted my own sewing machine, but it just never happened. There is always something coming up, you know? And finally after so long, finally I have one. So last night I opened up the box (it was a Christmas present) the reason I didn’t open it up sooner is because I didn’t have a proper table for it. So William is a sweetheart and got one at Bennys yay! I am not only going to be selling bits and bobs of my own, but some of Williams things as well. I have more experience I feel with it than he does, so it was a good idea and he helped with getting the table, so it all works well in the end hey? I even looked on ebay lol, for a table and they didn’t have many and the ones they did, were too expensive. Want to see a picture? Ok since you twisted my arm hehe.

I think I am going to have hours of enjoyment with that. I’m really excited, now I just have to find patterns, and some nice material, and get started, I can even mend things as well, Yay! Anyway moving on, I can’t wait until The Expendables comes out, I seen the trailer and it looks great! I have included the trailer for you to view, what do you think? Are you excited to see it too? *drools* over Jason Statham hehe. I can’t help it, he’s one of my favorite actors. Anyway I have things to do, so I am closing here, have a lovely day.