Archives for March 9, 2010

Gee Whiz

It’s been more than two days since my last post, ahh well I guess even I get tired sometimes and don’t wish to be on the laptop. This past weekend we went to see Plymouth Rock, it was a nice drive, and especially because it was a gorgeous day and we took advantage of the beautiful weather. Although I went kicking a screaming hehe, no not really but I was so tired from taking all my stuff out and taking photos of them to put on ebay, really it’s more work than it sounds like. I put the clothing on a mannequin so it looks better displayed. I can’t even begin to tell you, and there is still somethings that I still need to photograph, not to mention measuring somethings like length, inseam, etc, the more information the better I feel, but like William says don’t give to much that they feel they will be there for an hour haha reading, which is true and I would doubt they would anyway.

As I said earlier we went to Plymouth Rock, and well I never been there so I was excited. I really expected to see a big rock or something hehe, I was wrong it was a rock indeed but not big. I can’t really say how big it is, I’d have to ask William, I am terrible with guessing measurements. I took a few pictures, I also wanted to see the Mayflower because it was not too far from it. But we needed the bathroom badly hehe, and they had none open and I’m like heck with it, let’s just go. We would lose the good parking space we found lol, so I said, it just gives us a reason to return. I do look forward to returning too. I want to see the Mayflower. I’ll share a few pictures of the trip. My photos are coming out all screwy on the page, but if you click the first one, then you can see them one after another instead of clicking each individual one. Enjoy, ttfn.