Archives for March 4, 2010

* Poof * Gone

This morning I woke up and there was a lovely blanket of snow, and now it’s all gone, oh pooooh!!!!! I wish it would stay for a couple of days, it was so much fun when we had the blizzard, or at least what seemed like one. I have never been in one, so that was rather exciting. I am so lazy today to do laundry, lol. Ok I am partially blame it on the cold weather, hehe even though I just said I love the snow and I want more hahah, but also a bit of my laziness today. Anyway last night we watched Ghost Hunters: TAPS they had a live show. I was a bit disappointed, maybe I am a bit spoiled with that show when they did the live Halloween one, where they were actually investigating live hehe. Last nights show, the actual investigation was done like during the week which is fine and all. As I said I’m a bit spoiled and wanted to see it done live. But they were in New York, they had a live audience and they were talking to them, audience members asked questions and all. It was a lot of fun watching, I look forward watching this season.

We were watching this TV show called Holmes on Homes it’s one of them DIY type shows. I really like it because the house Mike Holmes, he really does a good job. Not only that but he helps people when someone did some kind of repair job on their home and completely messed it up. He comes in and fixes things, even gives them new appliances and all. He’s a good guy, it’s a Canadian based show, but I really enjoy watching it. I was discussing with William at one point about possibly changing the bathroom sink, and we know how much sinks can cost, heck like $400 or something like that. Well I came across this website that has bathroom sinks for less than $100 isn’t that amazing. They are beautiful, made of glass, and an assortment of lovely colors, if you are interested in looking at some of them then drop by the website Glass Vessel Sink and check them out. I can’t believe that the prices on these sinks, and glass no less. Imagine having a glass sink in your bathroom? Wow hey? I personally like the Teal colored one hehe. If they could make Pink I would buy it in a minute hehe, well I would need Williams permission and I don’t think he would agree. Gosh they have some beautifully designed bathroom sinks, I am really amazed at how beautiful they are, gosh and whats more I can’t believe the prices, I am not kidding you, at least go look so you see I’m being honest hehe.

I have some stuff to take care of, and it’s that time William will be home soon. And I’m cold too, lol. We are watching 2012 tonight, I can’t wait, I’ll leave you the trailer, so you can see what it’s about and possibly decide to watch it too. We also have this film we seen a preview for called Carriers, it looked good that we just had to get it. Anyway enjoy the trailer. Have a great evening everyone.