Archives for February 15, 2010

Finally Moved

It’s President’s Day, does anyone work? Well obviously some people work or everything would be closed today. I don’t remember if they close the Post office today, hmm. I needed to send off two packages, ebay returns lol. It’s hard to tell sizes, because everyone isn’t the same really. I bought one blouse for one seller, it was about half a size too small, but still was ok. So then I bought another blouse from another seller, and thought I’d go to the next size and it would fit just right, but it turned out to be too huge lol, so I’m exchanging for smaller sizes. Same with the jeans, gosh it’s hard to pin point what size for what brand, well that has been my experience anyway. I have had many good excellent experiences on ebay, so I am far from complaining, but there should be like a universal size chart lol. Wow I did it again. I got distracted by other things online lol. I downloaded Mp3tag it’s renamer or a sort, as some of my files don’t have Artist – Song, and I like it like that. So I wanted to fix that, before actually burning a CD to play upstairs.

I’m adding another affiliate to my plugboard website, maybe you would like to go plug yourself? Nice to get my site out there, you know? We finally finished moving furnishings around, woohoo. I’m so glad it looks so much better, seems so much roomier now, which makes me happy double yay!! I still feel tired a bit from all that moving, still have a few little boxes to go through to put things where they belong, but over all I’m really happy with the way things look. Well I have a few things I need to do, unfortunately this became shorter than I wanted it lol. Have a good day, and a better week.