Archives for February 10, 2010

Just Tired

The news last night said we would be getting heavy snow, so we were up early, so William left early, so if it did drop heavy, he can leave early, but so far it’s 1:05 pm and no snow, just :rain: I am kind of bummed out a bit :idk: lol, because I did want to see snow, I would of used a cute icon but OMG there is no snow icon with these smiles except for this lil cute guy :snowman: I am so disappointed. Anyway, we’ll see what the rest of the day brings us. So I started using the service, so it can read all the places I post, and at one point I was double posting haha, so I had to take care of that, but the service is sooo awesome! I also have it on my desktop and just today I installed it on my Blackberry, woohoo go me lol. Oh I spoke to soon, as of 1:21 pm it has started snowing, it’s flurries, but I have a feeling it’s going to continue falling. Oh how I love the snow, not like too much, just the right amount but still it’s so beautiful.

One of my commenters from, told me about Sexy Bookmarks and I downloaded it and activated it on this website, and it’s awesome, I plan to add it to all my websites that have WordPress, thank you Krystal There is another couple of plug-ins I’m going to install, which make things handy. You can see all the plug-ins I have go to the plug-ins page under my domain page.

I started this post hours ago, and been doing other things first. I need to restart my computer, I’ve put it off for the last few hours I continuously click on Postpone for 10mins hahah not over the few hours, first time was ‘remind me in 4 hours’ lol. As of 3:39 no snow has stuck, I’m still disappointed, grrr, ahh well, we have the rest of the day and night, *wishes* I think I better post this now, or I never will, well actually I will, but it’ll be like late haha. Have a lovely and warm day everyone.