Archives for February 8, 2010

Lucky or Unlucky?

It was too, the weather wasn’t too bad we mostly had flurries, and no heavy snow like other parts of east coast, some got close to 3 feet, wow hey? Yeah I was hoping we would get that, but nope nothing for us, are we lucky or unlucky? I guess it depends on the person. This weekend, we watched 4 films, wow hey? Busy we were. We seen, 9, Babylon A.D., Population 436, Gamer, out of all 4, I have to say that I enjoyed Gamer and 9 the most. Population 436 was so slow.

Ahh I’m so happy, I installed a few wordpress plug-ins, and they work perfectly. I got new smilies, in my blogs and my comments, yay, and a new one for embedding videos, their centered now yay. I also installed one for when I change theme, it’s like an under construction one, and also one for pictures, a lightbox one, yeah so that’s pretty nifty. Check my Plug-ins Used page if you are curious. They are really very useful.

This weekend we played Guitar Hero among other games, but I have to say, William beat me in the others, but I beat him on Guitar Hero, so I’m happy I can win something lol :victory: It was a lot of fun. Then Super Bowl Sunday, what a game, I was cheering on the Saints, they so deserve it and they did such an outstanding job. I was so happy for them. Good game Saints!!

I have a few things, I need to return to ebay people, ugh it’s going to be a pain putting them in boxes, plus I need to start getting my inventory ready for the things I want to sell on ebay, because I need to get rid of them already. I have about oh 50 items maybe, that I know of, that isn’t counting stuff that I haven’t come across. Just earlier today as I was sorting out some stuff in my room, I came across a few items and thought, hmm I can sell this, it’s great you can say that about things you don’t use anymore. Anyway I need to get going, and get to other things I’m doing. Have a lovely evening everyone.